5 Must-Have Features for Smart Business Website

By Pradeep Dabas
5 Must-Have Features for Smart Business Website

A website is very crucial to any business. However, just having a website won’t suffice. A smart website with essential features and the best web design practices is what is required. E-commerce websites should be able to bring in leads and help in better conversion rates. While any website development company in Ireland can help you set your business up with a website, it is actually a collaborative process wherein you ensure that the website you build suits your products and has what it takes to push leads and sales. The input of different people such as an art director and a site editor will be needed. An effectively designed website will boost both your lead generation and conversion rate.

Here are some must-have features for a smart business website:

Perfect home page

According to studies, you have less than 0.2 seconds to make a first impression on your website visitors. The home page plays an important role in influencing your web visitors’ decisions. It presents you with the opportunity to make an elevator pitch and clearly convey to your visitors what’s on offer. There is no room for guesswork. The logo, tagline, promo message and the first paragraph of the home page should be impressive enough to keep the visitors interested.

SEO features

While there are many ways to drive traffic to your website, arguably none produces more high-quality traffic than organic search. It is estimated that organic search accounts for almost 39% of all e-commerce traffic globally. You have to make sure that your website has the required SEO features such as quality content, keywords and phrases, server performance, URL structure, meta descriptions, review widgets and mobile customisation among others. You can use tools such as Google Analytics to get useful analytics data in order to improve your SEO ranking.

Media Support

Video, audio and images among other forms of media are becoming an effective and powerful way of communicating. According to Statista, 85% of internet users consumed video content in 2018. The world is moving to the age of video marketing. The importance of incorporating audiovisual content alongside text into your website cannot be understated. While doing this, it is also important to ensure that the audiovisual content is responsive.

Clear site navigation and architecture

Your website visitors don’t have the time to comb through the website while looking for something. They will move on to a competitor’s with clear site navigation. A visitor should be able to easily perform the desired action on your website. Clear site navigation will also be helpful when it comes to the indexing of your website pages by search engines.

Ensure that you also include a visible and clear call to action on your website. It holds the key to generating leads and converting them. A call to action teaches your web visitors the steps to seek information and access your products. It should be able to convince them to either send an inquiry or make a purchase.

Chart from Statista showing the usage of smartphones in Ireland from 2015 to 2022.

At least 3.74 million people in Ireland use smartphones according to statistics from Statista. The number is projected to grow to 4.06 million in 2022. Mobile devices have become a major means through which people access the internet. Globally, 52% of the internet traffic is generated from mobile devices. If you don’t optimise your website for mobile devices, you would be missing out on more than half of the internet traffic. A mobile-friendly website would help you earn and convert leads and also contribute to your search engine ranking.

There are a lot of other features that smart business websites should have. Some of them include ChatBots, lead identifier plugins, exit pop-up banners, marketing automation and Facebook Pixels. If you need quality website development services that will boost your business we need to understand the user behavior flow.

If you plan for a strategy for your business website and integrate it with as many features as you can. An appropriately streamlined and easy-to-use website will be competitive advantage for your business. So, for a quality website development that will boost your business reach out to us.