5 Website Hacks That Will Improve Your New Site and Increase Conversion Drastically

By Pradeep Dabas

Your website is a powerful sales tool for your business in today’s marketing landscape. However, due to rapid changes in digital trends, even a new website can feel old and outdated. Your new site may be struggling to get traffic, hence lacking leads and conversions. With the current worldwide e-commerce sales standing at $3.53 trillion and projected to reach $6.5 trillion in 2022, improving and optimising your website for conversions should be a top priority for you.

Global retail e-commerce sales projections from 2014 to 2023. Image source/ Statista

There is no time to slack. You have to get down to improving your website now. This article will give you great hacks on how you can improve your website and drastically change your conversion rates. The following tips are some of the ways in which you can improve your website:

Optimise your web design – Most businesses think that as long as they have a functional website, nothing else matters. They couldn’t be more wrong. Web design matters just as much, maybe even more than what you might think. According to research, your website only has 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression on visitors. Web visitors will walk away from your site if it has an unattractive design. It is important to carry out research to know which type of design will best suit your target audience.

Optimise your sales funnel – A basic sales funnel is usually segmented into four stages namely Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action. If your website isn’t leading your visitors to the last part of the funnel, maybe it is time to tweak your sales funnel. Look at every stage of the funnel and find ways in which you can improve it. Your website may be great and it’s just the sales funnel that may need a little tweaking to shore up the conversion numbers. Taking your time to test and tweak the sales funnel may be a daunting task but it pays off.

How a basic sales funnel looks like. Image source/ BronHiggs – Wikimedia Commons

Add different call-to-action buttons – If you have a one-size-fits-all call-to-action button on your website, it is time to change that. Having different call-to-action buttons for different pages will be more effective in generating leads. However, you can only create effective call-to-action buttons if you understand your web visitors and their needs. What do they need at each stage of the sales funnel? It is better to have a call-to-action button at each stage of the sales funnel. The call-to-action buttons can also have different designs and copies.

Use testimonials and reviews to build trust – Social proof is a very important part of reputation management for any online business. Reviews and testimonials can help you build trust and loyalty for your business. 85% buyers tend to look for online reviews before making a purchase decision. According to a study by Havard Business School, even improving your online rating by a single star can lead to an increase in sales by up to 9%. If you want to improve your conversion numbers, social proofing on your website is not something you can ignore. Include client testimonials on your websites. Also, leverage review sites such as Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow pages and Better Business Bureau.

Constantly create content that is relevant to your visitors – Regularly keeping your website updated with the right content for your audiences will generate high-quality leads and better conversion rates. The right content causes visitors to spring into action, which is to make a purchase. When coming up with content, it is important to put the needs of your audience first and not your sales targets. They will be able to see through your deceptive and manipulative sales tactics. It is not worth the risk. They have to find your content relevant and relatable to their needs.

While creating content, consider incorporating other forms of media besides text on your website. Audiovisual content has been proven to be more powerful than text for communication. Publish relevant videos, images, graphs and charts whenever you can.

There are a lot of other tricks such as ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly and speeding up the loading speed that will help with traffic and lead generation. We are here to take your website to the next level and improve your conversion rates. Your website should be able to bring in revenue. Get in touch with us today.