7 LinkedIn Updates Coming in 2023 That You Should Know

By Salt

LinkedIn, the largest professional networking platform, will be making a ramp of changes geared towards improving LinkedIn marketing. The platform will be introducing new features in the coming months touching on post scheduling, video accessibility, job search updates, and content analytics.

The company announced the new features during its annual preview of new features coming in the year ahead.

Here’s what you need to know about the new features that will be coming to LinkedIn:

1. Post Scheduling

LinkedIn users will now be able to plan their posts in advance and schedule them on the site. The feature gives LinkedIn content creators more control over their content schedules. A “schedule” icon has been added next to the “post” button when creating a post. You can simply click on the icon, select the day and time you want the post to go live and schedule it.

But the feature is still not available for users who want to publish a LinkedIn article. Articles can only be saved as drafts and published when you’re ready to share with your audience.

2. Improved Video Accessibility

According to Statista, over three billion internet users globally downloaded or streamed video content in 2022. On LinkedIn, video posts earn an average of three times the engagement of text posts. LinkedIn realizes that video content is the new king, and is working to improve video accessibility for users.  

To improve video accessibility, LinkedIn will:

Automatically generate video captions on the platform. But you can edit the captions before publishing the video. The auto-caption functionality is currently only available in English.

Activate high-contrast mode on the app to enhance video accessibility for users with low vision or visual impairment. 

3. Updates To Job Search

As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn has been dedicated to improving the user experience for job seekers. According to LinkedIn, many people are casually looking for opportunities that align with their values, interests, and career progression. This includes upskilling and achieving a better work-life balance. 

Even when not actively looking for a job, users are always on the lookout for opportunities to pursue new career prospects. 

To help with this, LinkedIn is testing a personalised job collections feature that will enable users to discover job opportunities without conducting a search. The feature is currently being piloted in the United States with a small number of businesses, but the company has plans to rapidly roll it out in other countries as well.

4. Standardized Accessibility Job Titles

Still on helping job seekers find more opportunities, LinkedIn will also be standardizing job titles for people in the accessibility field. If you work in the sector, you can now select a job title from a list of standardized titles, for example, Accessibility Designer, Accessibility Engineer, etc.

This will help professionals in the sector to be more easily discoverable and find opportunities that match their skills.

5. Alt Text Functionality in Campaign Manager

For LinkedIn ads, the LinkedIn Campaign Manager will allow users to add alt-text text descriptions to ad images. It will help visually impaired users to understand the images being presented better, increasing the reach of such ads. 

6. Updates To B2B Product Search

LinkedIn recently launched a Products Page to help brands increase the visibility of their products and get buyers. It helps members to discover products that meet their needs, engage with community experts, and complete a purchase. 

LinkedIn has almost 90,000 B2B products and makes for an easy platform to find products through the search functionality. It plans to create a more personalized search experience by adding category filters to the search and improving the relevance of the Product Pages.

With these updates, users won’t have to go through a complex process to obtain relevant information before making a purchasing decision. The Products Page will empower them to make better, more informed purchasing decisions.

7. Content Analytics

Lastly, LinkedIn will be updating the creator analytics dashboards. Some of the new features on the dashboard include access to audience data and top-performing content. This will help to improve brands’ LinkedIn marketing strategies for better reach and effective content. 

Page managers will be able to learn more about the demographics of their audiences and examine the evolution of their followers over a period of time. The data will help in spotting patterns and leverage the analytics to improve their LinkedIn marketing efforts. 

Improve Your LinkedIn Marketing in 2023

To be able to access these new updates, you must activate the Creator Mode on LinkedIn.

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