Amazon Marketing Tips That Will Get You Leads And Sales

By Pradeep Dabas

6 Amazon Marketing Tips That Will Get You Leads And Sales

When it comes to digital marketing, most people only think about social media marketing and search engine marketing. Very few people give Amazon marketing much thought. Yet everyone knows that Amazon is the biggest online market in the world. Even in Ireland, Amazon tops the list of the most visited eCommerce websites. At least 32% of Irish shoppers use Amazon. In fact, Amazon is one of the pioneers of modern-day eCommerce. But did you know that people use Amazon for much more than just shopping for stuff?

More than half of Amazon visitors use the site to discover new products, check the prices of a given product, or start their product searches on the platform. Buyers are likely to begin their search for a product on Amazon than on Google. This makes it the perfect place to have your products get to the target audience. But for a starter, the platform can be quite intimidating. These tips will help you come up with an effective Amazon marketing strategy that will spur your lead generation and conversion rates;

1. Be proactive on the Q&A section

In every product listing on Amazon, there’s always a Q&A section just below the production description. Very few sellers know that it is a valuable tool for Amazon marketing. The section gives shoppers an opportunity to ask questions about your product and get to learn more about it. It plays a vital role in the buyer’s purchase decisions. Basically, the buyer wants to know if the product will be a good fit for them. It is up to you to convince them that it will be a good fit or lose them to a competitor. Your responses will convince other shoppers as well about your products and show that you care about the buyer’s concerns. It signals trust.

Questions and Answers

How should proactively participate in the Q&A? Here are a few pointers;

  • Establish guidelines for responding to questions using a brand voice regardless of who’s answering the questions (yourself, a member of the team, or an agency).
  • Routinely check for any queries daily to ensure a quick response time.
  • Keep your answers brief and simple while addressing every concern raised by the buyer.
  • Highlight the product’s unique selling points that relate to the question.
  • Politely correct any incorrect answers given by other users to a question.

2. Come up with a review management strategy

On Amazon, reviews can either make or break you. Buyers trust reviews from other buyers more than they trust your product description. The more reviews you get, the higher your chances of making a sale. This does not, however, mean that negative reviews are the end of the road for you. That is why review management is a significant part of Amazon marketing.

Review Management

You have higher chances of completing a sale with at least a three-star rating. You should strive to have as many honest, positive reviews as you can. This includes working on convincing customers to edit their negative reviews. As part of your review management strategy, you should;

  • Encourage buyers to leave reviews through programs such as the Early Reviewer Program or Amazon Vine. You can also include materials with the shipment encouraging them to leave a review.
  • Check the reviews daily, just like you are doing to the Q&A section.
  • Respond to all reviews and follow up on the negative ones so that you can turn around their experience.
  • Consistently maintain the brand voice as established in the Q&A section.
  • Share the reviews across platforms such as social media to motivate your followers into making a purchase.

An effective review management strategy will massively impact your lead generation and sales. It also needs to be a sustained effort, not a one-off thing.

3. Revamp your product packaging

Packaging Upgarde

Every once in a while, it is advisable to give your brand a facelift without necessarily overhauling everything. One way of doing this is through revamping the product packaging. It will increase the buyers’ interest in your brand and lead to repeat purchases and word-of-mouth recommendations. You can use your packaging for marketing the product’s features while adding value to your customers. For example, the packaging could feature a recipe if you are shipping a grill. You can also include a call-to-action, for instance, asking the buyer to leave a review or follow your social media channels. But it is important to keep in line with Amazon’s packaging standards, especially if you are using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

4. Do limited-time promotions

Limited time offer

Limited-time promotions will give your products so much exposure on Amazon. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a discount on prices. It could be a freebie such as an add-on item, decal, or a t-shirt. In the short-term, promotions will have an impact on your profits. But in the long-term, they will improve brand recognition and sales. They are also useful for clearing stock. When doing promotions, you should make use of multiple marketing channels to ensure that news of the promotions reaches the targeted audience. Launch the promotion ads on Amazon (it has a lower advertising cost of sale) and use simple promotion codes that are both easy to find and remember.

5. Don’t forget about social media

Social Media Marketing

Just because you are doing Amazon marketing does not mean that you push aside social media marketing. The two go hand-in-hand and complement each other. Facebook alone will give you access to around 2.8 million active users of the platform in Ireland. There is also Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are platforms you can leverage to make your Amazon marketing more productive. Always ensure that you have a healthy balance between promotional and informational material, and engage with your followers beyond just feeding them your content.

6. Email marketing is still king

Email marketing still remains the most effective digital marketing strategy, and it can take your Amazon marketing efforts to the next level. At least 58% of adults check their emails immediately after waking up. And they spend up to an hour each week look at their emails. What’s more interesting is that more than 60% are always looking forward to promotional emails. So what’s stopping you from sending that email when your customers are already looking forward to it? You can send promotional emails to bring your customers’ attention to sales highlights, exclusive coupons, and new product launches.

Hand of female using laptop computer sending e-mail message with email address symbol and envelope icon. Online marketing concept.

If you are wondering how to incorporate email marketing into your Amazon marketing strategy, here are a few steps to start you off;

  • Build a subscriber list. You can do this by adding sign-up forms to your website, social media pages, and blog.
  • Choose an email marketing platform, such as MyEmailFX or MailChimp.
  • Come up with a content strategy that includes content types, topics, and lengths.
  • Develop an email marketing schedule.

It is always important to pay attention to analytics and data so you can improve your email marketing as needed.

The disruption of physical store businesses is likely to result in more retailers registering on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. This means that you have to stand out to succeed. You will need help to do that. With the economic downturn expected as a result of COVID-19, you might not have the budget to put together an in-house team to handle your Amazon marketing strategy. That is why it is advisable to partner with an experienced and reputed marketing agency to handle your marketing needs on Amazon.

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