Can Amazon buyers see you?

Buyers making searches on Amazon mainly rely on the first few results – rarely going on to the second and subsequent pages. Are you a seller on Amazon? Then getting to the top of those rankings should be a priority for you to make more sales.

  • 13% Conversion rate on Amazon, way higher than the average global eCommerce conversion rate of 2.5% across all devices.
    Source: VWO
  • 63% Online shoppers worldwide who start their product search on Amazon
    Source: Statista
  • 90% Consumers price-check products on Amazon even when using a different retailer's website.
    Source: CNBC

Amazon’s search algorithm operates differently from that of search engines like Google or Bing, so your store needs to be particularly tailored for the eCommerce platform.

Maximise your Sales Potential with Amazon SEO

Amazon uses “Purchase Likelihood" to rank products. Users on the platform are already interested in buying, and for Amazon and sellers to generate revenue, the products listed in the search results are those which will be most likely to be bought. Amazon’s algorithm starts by filtering the products based on the keywords on the search query used, then sorts them based on their performance – which includes the factors like images, reviews, sales, prices, CTR (click-through-rate), ads and inventory.

Product Listings That Convert

On-Page Optimization

We optimize your product listing pages for both Amazon and Google's algorithms, for you to score a higher rank on both search engines. Staring with campaign audit to review your current strategies, setting up a tailored plan for your operations, all through to A/B testing and optimization for each of your products to determine the approach with the most return – it is all included in the process. With our experts who are well versed with the ins-and-outs of Amazon and other ecommerce platforms, we will use a data-driven approach to grow your business.

Competitor Analysis

Where does your competition successfully make sales, and where do they perform dismally? Analysing their operations comes in handy when making an Amazon SEO campaign that will adopt their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. This also reduces the amount of wastage that would have gone into the digital marketing plan, while boosting your sales in the process, giving you a higher ROI.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Our SEO team will carry out an in-depth research on the most profitable keywords that your products should be ranking for – both short and long-tail keywords. Our analysis also digs up the keywords used by your competition, and we set up an SEO campaign that will give you the edge.

Imagery Optimization

On Amazon, images are essential to your conversions, given that they will be the first thing to attract the buyer – together with the price and reviews of the item. Our Amazon SEO team will enable you to set up images that will be more beneficial in making conversions.


Make product descriptions that sell! To win over the buyer, we write ads that will be relatable and increase your conversions. More sales will lead to consistent growth, given that Amazon’s algorithms will rank your products higher for the search queries made, resulting in a self-perpetuating cycle.