Are You Keeping Up with These Web Development Trends?

By Salt

Web development tech is always on the move. Failing to keep up with the trends and techniques adopted across the industries comes with the risk of your online performance lagging behind, causing you to lose out to competitors offering a better user experience and ranking higher on search engines. So, what has been going on, and what should you be paying attention to?

● Embracing the voice search era

Smartphones already come with digital voice assistants, from Siri in iPhones, to Google Assistant for the Android users. It’s easy to use, and anyone from kids to elders can interact with the voice interface. The voice assistant market size was already at $1.68 billion by 2019, and is set to hit $7.3 billion by 2025 according to a Market Research Future (MRFR) report. People use voice search for different reasons, from simply listening to music and making phone calls, to getting directions and locating nearby product and service providers. For your web app to be seen, it needs to be optimized for voice search as a matter of urgency – which can be included in the website development services.

While voice-search is already big in e-commerce, tech like AI-powered smart speakers that come with their voice digital assistant on board are also gaining traction. They do more than just connect to streaming platforms like Spotify or Google Play Music. These devices can check information on the weather, answer questions after scouring through Wikipedia, set alarms, order food, call an Uber, shop for certain products on online stores, and entertain their audience with everything from voice games to podcasts and audiobooks. For B2C businesses, clients can use the voice commands to connect the company and order services easily. In fact, you can develop your own application for integration with smart speakers, grow your audience and generate more sales. For instance, you can have a custom Alexa skill built for your business by a professional web development company, making it compatible with Alexa-enabled devices.

● Improved performance with WebAssembly

Ever wonder why many popular games and powerful apps are mainly available as desktop applications? This is due to limitations in JavaScript that slow down the heavy calculations, which negatively affects user experience. This is set to change with WebAssembly, where code gets compiled into bytecode, which can then be run in browsers with a faster execution than JavaScript. This means that business owners building interactive news, educational and training apps, web games, music apps, 3D mapping tools, P2P platforms and the like have access to a larger audience, offering performance comparable to the native desktop application through browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari and Chrome. Get in touch with our web development agency in Dublin to get you started.

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