These are the ads that will show up on Google's partner websites. Unlike search ads, these can include both photos and text. It's key to ensure that these ads have been tailored to the specific audience that you’re targeting for your business. This can be done by defining the particular market, or focusing on internet users visiting websites that are similar to yours.

With the display ads, the maximum bid that you’re willing to pay when a user clicks the ad is also set, and our PPC ad team focuses on ensuring that you get value for your money.

One of the hurdles with the display ad is that you first need to get the ad copy approved by Google, especially with ensuring that the ad image requirements by the platform have been met. With our PPC team, you can rest assured that the tailored ads will be tailored designed to please both the audience and Google.

Increase Brand Awareness with Display Ads

These ads are particularly beneficial in building your brand exposure, while also driving leads to your website. This blends into the SEO strategy which is why care is taken when selecting the industry-related websites that the ads will appear on.