Grow Your Sales with PRO Ecommerce SEO Services

  • $4.2 trillion – The worldwide sales from retail-ecommerce according to Statista
    Whether you’re a small business or an established firm, there's plenty of potential.
  • 39% – The percentage of ecommerce traffic coming from search (Source: SEO Tribunal)
    How high do you rank on search results?

Stamp your authority

With a well-planned SEO strategy, your online visibility increases, as well as credibility in the eyes of your customers. Shoppers are increasingly taking their time to research the products that they want to buy, and you want to nurture trust and confidence in your products.

Make your customers feel at home

Your website should be easy to use – and we'll make it so. Our web design team will edit the site's code and structure, ensuring that it provides a smooth user experience, staying in line with best SEO practices. Optimizing the existing webpages, revamping the content, installing Google Analytics and setting up call tracking, ensuring elements like navigation links, contact forms and buttons are optimized for higher conversions – we do it all.

Fresh traffic

Feel as though your online store is stagnating? Unlock its potential with our ecommerce SEO services, to bring more visitors to your website and grow your sales. Our data-driven approaches – from assessing the business intake, defining the target audience and analysing their unique buyer's cycle, to the goals of the company and the current hurdles preventing you from achieving them, we well build you a tailored SEO campaign that will crank up the numbers.

Losing business to your competitors?

Our competitor analysis will show you what your rivals are doing – and strategies to put in place to get ahead. Different search engine ranking factors are covered, from the website speed and user experience, technical SEO and local visibility to off-site citations and quality content.

Our data tracking software generates reports on how you stack up against the top competitors in your niche, with a comprehensive digital marketing analysis. The keyword research undertaken identifies the top search terms and phrases that are driving sales for your specific market, and we create an actionable plan that will rake in more revenue.

Get ahead - And Stay Ahead

Reaching that top-spot is one thing – staying there is another. Your E-Com strategy needs sustainable strategies for you to see continued growth, and you can realise that with our team of experts.