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Having a compelling online presence is the secret to finding success in an eCommerce business. Your eCommerce stores should be visually stunning and focused on conversion.


    Our Work Process

    Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established business, Salt Marketing can help to accelerate your eCommerce growth. 

    Our team has mastered eCommerce web development and has in-depth knowledge of different eCommerce platforms. We’ll walk with you through your entire eCommerce journey, from web development to online marketing for your business.

    Bring Your Online Store To Life

    How we work to help your business grow

    Regardless of whether you’re a startup or an established business, Salt Marketing can help to accelerate your eCommerce growth.

    Our team has mastered eCommerce web development and has in-depth knowledge of different eCommerce platforms. We’ll walk with you through your entire eCommerce journey, from web development to online marketing for your business.


    Join us as we explore the world of digital branding! Our goal is to create a distinctive brand for your online business. Together, we can create logos that are instantly recognisable, eye-catching colour palettes, and a unique online presence that makes your brand stand out in the congested internet marketplace.

    Design That Inspires

    User-Friendly Website Design

    Our experts create a smooth, beautiful shopping experience. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, we make sure that our designs are responsive and intuitive so that users can enjoy the same wonderful experience on all devices.

    We use Figma to create gorgeous mock-ups to ensure every component of your website is carefully designed and visually appealing. With the help of this approach, we can turn your idea into a real, observable design.

    Let's simplify the buying experience for your clients!

    Words That Sell

    Engaging Content Writing

    Content is king, and we treat it that way! Our content writing services are designed to capture your audience, from captivating product narratives to lively blog entries. We write persuasive language that captivates readers and keeps them coming back for more.

    Synopses That Pique Interest

    Product Descriptions

    Every product has a story, and we tell it. Our team specialises in crafting product descriptions that emphasise your items' finest attributes, persuading users that they are indispensable.

    Make an Impression in the Digital World

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Online visibility matters. We make sure your site is market ready as we use the latest SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your website.

    Payment Gateway Integration

    Convenience and security are crucial when it comes to payments. We incorporate the most dependable and intuitive payment channels to give your clients a seamless and safe transaction experience. By providing a variety of payment methods, we make sure the checkout procedure is simple!

    E-commerce Platform Selection

    Sometimes it is hard to find your way around all the different e-commerce platforms. That is where our skills come in. We help you pick the best platform, whether it is Shopify because it is easy to use, WooCommerce because it works well with WordPress, or Magento because it can handle bigger operations.

    Platforms We Work On

    Running an eCommerce website, in addition to other business operations, isn’t an easy task. But we’ll make it simple for you by building a website that’s customized to your specifications. We have years of experience building cutting-edge online storefronts using the latest technologies. Some of the platforms we can use to create a powerful online store for your business include:


    If you’re looking to increase your conversions and boost sales with Shopify, our team is up to the task.


    At Salt Marketing, we’ll create a brand-centric, customer-focused WooCommerce website that’s guaranteed to increase sales. Our WooCommerce website solutions will give your business a cutting edge.


     Magento is a powerful platform for unlocking your eCommerce potential with rich features, flexibility, security, responsiveness, and customization.


    Drupal’s amazing options will enable you to give your customers an incredible shopping experience in your online stores.

    PHP Web Development

    PHP web development services offer the benefit of helping businesses create a fully customized website that meets their exact specifications easily and efficiently.


    The tried and tested PrestaShop will enable you to explore new opportunities for your eCommerce business. The rich variant features may be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

    Case Studies

    Type of WorkFinancial BrokerIndustry

    • Content Development

    • Website Development

    • Website Maintenance

    • Facebook Marketing

    Type of WorkFinancial BrokerIndustry

    • Content Development

    • Website Development

    • Website Maintenance

    Type of WorkDrinkware SetsIndustry

    • Brand Guidelines

    • E-commerce Website

    • Digital Marketing

    Type of WorkDesign, Print, DistributeIndustry

    • Website Maintenance

    • Website Development

    • Brand Guidlines

    • Content Writing

    Type of WorkIreland's Premier Boiler Installation CompanyIndustry

    • Brand Guidelines

    • A New Landing Page

    • Google Ads

    • Facebook Management

    The Journey To An Amazing Commerce Website

    We are the best eCommerce development partner to work with. We’ll prioritize your needs and help to scale your business. Here’s a summary of your journey to an amazing eCommerce website:

    Planning: At this stage, we will seek to understand your audiences, come up with well-defined buyer personas, and help you to choose the right platform for developing your website according to your business needs and budget.
    Implementation:Then we’ll develop a roadmap for building the website. This includes coming up with the right themes. Then we’ll develop, enhance, and deploy your new online store. At this stage, you can make plans for an official launch.
    Post-deployment Support: We don’t abandon you after your website goes live. Some of our post-deployment support services include website monitoring and maintenance, online store optimization, and troubleshooting and support.
    If you’re looking to just migrate from your current platform for one reason or the other, we’ve still got you covered. We’ll take care of both business and SEO data migration. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your eCommerce website needs. We care about your business and will tailor our solutions to match your business goals and needs. Our rates are pocket-friendly too.


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    Why Should You Join Us?

    Based on our strategic and in-depth approach to web design, we know how to build technology websites that bring in qualified leads. For us, a website is a digital marketing machine that is strategic, UX-optimized, SEO-optimized, fast, and flexible.
    Salt started as a WordPress agency, unlike many digital marketing businesses. Salt’s team of UX, designers, and developers provides strategic website projects for clients.
    We have a full in-house team of UX/UI experts and developers who work with the SEO teams. This makes our projects very effective and helps websites move up quickly in search engines.
    We provide website mock-ups before you begin so that you are never left in the dark.

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      Google Reviews

      EXCELLENT rating
      Based on 35 reviews
      We recently worked with Salt Marketing to develop our webiste I found the whole process effortless, Salt Marketing took care of everything in a timely manner. Their professionalism and skill blew me away. I would highly recommend Salt Marketing to anyone who needs a new website or a refresh of an old one.
      stacey king
      stacey king
      We sought a digital partner capable of overseeing our comprehensive marketing requirements, spanning from SEO and pay-per-click to social media management. Salt Marketing emerged as the optimal choice. From our initial meeting with Pradeep, it became evident that he and his team possessed profound expertise in digital marketing, encompassing website development, brand creation, and the formulation of astute digital marketing strategies. Beyond their evident skills, what truly distinguished them was their approachability and effective communication. They transcended the role of a mere service provider; rather, they collaborated with us as if they were integral members of our own team. Opting for their all-inclusive service allowed us to focus on our core business, secure in the knowledge that our digital marketing needs were in capable hands. We wholeheartedly endorse Salt Marketing to any business seeking top-tier digital solutions coupled with a genuine partnership experience. Take the next step toward elevating your digital presence – choose Salt Marketing as your trusted ally in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.
      Till Rolls
      Till Rolls
      When we were looking for a digital partner, Salt Marketing stood out as the best. From the first day, it was clear that they had a deep knowledge of digital marketing and were brilliant at enhancing our brand and creating a landing page. Aside from their obvious skills, what made them stand out was how easy they were to talk to and how well they communicated. They weren't just another service; they worked with us like they were part of our own. We highly suggest Salt Marketing to any business that wants top-notch digital solutions and a real partnership experience.
      Ryan Baker
      Ryan Baker
      I have been working with Salt Marketing for many months now and I’m very happy with the service they provide. Pria has been helping me with all my social media and marketing and I have found her to be excellent. She is always quick to respond and very efficient. Their design team are also very talented. Overall, I’m delighted I went with Salt Marketing to help promote my business. Mary Ward
      Mary Ward
      Mary Ward
      As the proud owner of New Look Tiles and Bathroom Renovation, it can be hard to keep up with all the tasks that come with having a business. This is why choosing to use Salt Marketing was one of the best and most important things we could have done for our business. Because they offer so many services, like building websites, creating brands, and setting up smart digital marketing strategies, they have completely changed our business. The team's skill is clear in how our website now clearly shows off our services, making it easy for users to tell the difference between our B2C and B2B options. This clarity has not only made the experience better for users, but it has also improved the image of our brand in the market. Salt has given me a lot of peace of mind, which is very important. We are much less stressed about running our business now that we know a full-fledged marketing team is carefully managing every aspect of our digital marketing. It's like having your own marketing department, but without all the costs and problems that come with running one. Their all-inclusive service changes the game because it lets business owners focus on what they do best while a team of experts handles the constantly changing world of digital marketing. Salt Marketing work with you, not against you. That's what's important.
      Clive Buckley
      Clive Buckley
      Thank you Salt Marketing for a fantastic meeting around all things related to digital marketing, brand positioning & digital strategy. You really are experts in your field.
      The Giddy Team Giddy Studios Dundrum
      The Giddy Team Giddy Studios Dundrum
      Professional in every regard. I am glad to have been introduced to Pradeep and his team.
      Ali Mehmet
      Ali Mehmet
      I've been working with Pradeep and Pria for the last year and I'm very happy with the results so far. Pria took care of the website for our new company division, and it looks even better than what we had in mind.. I highly recommend their services!
      Nauê Tunes
      Nauê Tunes
      Pradeep and his amazing team really helped me develop a cool and efficent website. Salt marketting was very helpful from start to finish i would deffinately recommend them.
      DJ Evan Kilmartin
      DJ Evan Kilmartin
      Our experience working with Salt Marketing to manage our social media and produce unique content has been really rewarding. Personally, I'm really happy with Salt's strategy development and execution. As a pleasant surprise, they've included an understanding of context and material. Thanks to Salt's team, we expect our marketing initiatives to yield positive results.
      DelQui App
      DelQui App


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Tailored Strategies

      Our MaaS approach begins with the creation of a strategy tailored to your specific business goals. We analyse your market, competitors, buyer personas, and opportunities, and create strategies to maximise your impact. The model we use is SOSTAC.

      Website Maintenance/Landing Pages

      Website maintenance is critical to keeping the site performance, secure, and up to date. Regular maintenance helps to prevent security breaches, improves user experience by fixing bugs and updating content, and improves the site's performance and search engine results, keeping it competitive and reliable.

      Paid Media

      Increase your reach by utilising our expertly managed paid media campaigns. We target high-intent audiences to ensure your message is heard and results are achieved.

      • Facebook
      • Google
      • Linkedin
      • YouTube
      • Webinar 

      Brand Awareness

      Increase the visibility of your brand. Our campaigns are designed to help you establish a strong brand presence across multiple channels, allowing you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

      • SEO
      • SMM

      Inbound Marketing (SMM)

      Make use of the power of social media. We develop compelling content and strategies to attract and retain your ideal customers.

      Email Outreach

      Use targeted email campaigns to reach out to your target audience. Our personalised outreach nurtures leads and drives conversions.

      RevOps: Streamlining Your Path to Growth

      Revenue Operations (RevOps) optimises sales, marketing, and customer service. SaltMarketing's RevOps strategy improves collaboration, data analysis, and operational coherence, sustaining revenue growth and customer engagement.

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