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  • 2.79 billion
    Active Facebook users worldwide
    Source: Statista
  • 12
    The number of ads that the average Facebook user clicks per month
    Source: HootSuite
  • 78%
    Consumers reporting to have discovered about a new product on Facebook
    Source: Kleiner Perkins

Take Advantage of Facebook's Massive Audience to Grow Your Business

How are your digital marketing efforts fairing? 1 in 3 companies in a report published by HubSpot listed Facebook ads as their best ROI provider, beating Google Paid Search and Instagram. Is it part of your strategy?

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    Our Facebook advertisement management services will enable you to leverage on the power of the world’s largest social media network to boost your business. We take care of the whole process, from creating a customised ad campaign, to launching, setting up the ads, and monitoring their performance.

    Why Facebook ads?

    It gives you access to a vast pool of social networks, and the ads are hyper-targeted to your particular audience. You get to direct valuable traffic to your site, and have remarketing ads running that will reconnect with your website’s visitors. We handle the different ad formats, including single image ads, photo and video ads, all through to carousel and catalogue ads.

    Our Facebook marketing strategies use ads that are mobile-friendly, and incorporate demographic targeting to ensure that they reach the desired audience. We also include Facebook Pixel installation as part of the services, to keep track of the traffic to your site, the pages visitors view plus the actions that they take. This is particularly key when remarketing the website to visitors, plus measuring and following up on leads.

    A Data-Based Approach

    Different measures are used when evaluating the performance of the Facebook ad results, from Facebook Ads Manager that analyses the network performance, to metrics from Google Analytics. Key Performance Indicators will be defined and used to analyse the campaign results, such as the impressions, click-through-rate, cost-per-click and engagements when looking at the network performance through Facebook; plus site performance through Google Analytics including bounce rate, sessions, page views and the average time that visitors spend on different pages of your website. Crunching this data enables our Facebook ad team to optimize and improve the performance of the campaign.

    Cut your costs

    How much do you spend on your Facebook ads? According to FitSmallBusiness, the average cost-per-click (CPC) is $1.86. We will set you up with a Facebook ad campaign that will reduce your ad spend, while maximizing on its impact, to give you a higher ROI from your marketing budget.

    Grow your brand

    Tired of a plateau in your Facebook ad performance? With our services, you will be in a position to increase your brand awareness on Facebook, save the amount of time you spend on marketing so that you can focus on your core business operations, optimize on your ad clicks and conversions, and get ahead of your competitors.

    With us, you get:

    • An expert social media marketing team dedicated to your business
    • Competitor analysis and tailor-made strategies to crank up your digital marketing campaign
    • Data analysis to adjust the campaigns based on their performance, and actionable reports all through the way.

    Facebook Ad Services

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