Festive Season Promotion Tips For eCommerce Businesses

By Salt

There’s one unique thing about the festive season. It brings both businesses and customers together. Consumers love to take advantage of discounts to shop while businesses find an opportunity to increase their sales. Win-win, isn’t it? With the festive season about to start, we’re here to help eCommerce businesses make the most out of it.

In Ireland, consumers spend an average €2,654 per household during the festive season. This is higher than any other month of the year by  €870. That should convince you in case you were wondering whether it’s worth investing in festive season promotions for your business.

Effective Festive Season Marketing Tips

A well-timed and executed holiday season marketing strategy can easily attract and convert holiday shoppers into your customers. Here are five effective holiday marketing ideas to boost eCommerce sales during this holiday season:

1. Personalize your website

Personalize your website and create compelling and eye-catching Christmas-themed landing pages for the festive season. This is the single biggest factor that will put you above your competition. You can leverage Salt Marketing’s website development services that help you to attract and convert high-quality leads.

Don’t forget to include clear call-to-action buttons and design them keeping in mind your mobile audience.

2. Create a sense of urgency

The holiday season is well-known for its generosity. Customers expect special offers and deep discounts on products. More often than not, businesses reduce their profit margins in order to increase sales and build brand awareness for future business growth. But you can do this without putting your profits on the line.

Give limited time offers and use phrases such as “Deal of the Day” to create a sense of urgency among your customers. Timers on your website can also help with this.

3. Leverage the power of email marketing

No matter what anyone tells you, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. Start your email campaigns at least 10 to 15 days before the festive season kicks off. Ensure that your subject lines are alluring, inspiring, and engaging.

You should also space out your emails appropriately. The last thing you want is your customers getting irritated by your hourly emails reminding them about a sale. Besides sales promotion, you can use email marketing to reclaim abandoned carts, welcome new customers, and carry out surveys among other things.

4. Use web push notifications to remind customers about sales

Push notifications can get you seven times more than the total number of email clicks. Not only that, they also have 50 percent higher opening rates. This is why you should consider using them to remind customers about sales during the festive season. You don’t even need the personal details of your site visitors to be able to implement push notifications. But remember that push notifications can only be sent to users who opt in for them.

5. Work on your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important for getting organic traffic to your website. Some of the ways you can improve your SEO include:

Optimize your content with appropriate keywords (content marketing)

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Improve your website’s loading speed

Strengthen the backend support for higher traffic

Get Started On Festive Season Marketing Today

Every festive season gives you a golden opportunity to increase your revenues and grow your business. Besides these five tips, you can also offer Groupon discounts, reward your loyal customers, get started on Facebook and Amazon marketing, and provide social proofing on your site.

If you are looking for effective festive season marketing plans that can make your business profitable, Salt Marketing knows just what you need. Engage our marketing experts today to discuss your festive season promotions.

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