Festive Season Promotion Tips For Finance Brokers

By Salt

For finance brokers, marketing is one of the biggest hurdles they have to face. It’s even more difficult for them during the festive season. To market your services successfully, you need to get in front of the right people at the right time. This feels like groping around in the dark for most finance brokers.

But with the right marketing strategy, finance brokers can leverage the festive season to make a kill and grow their businesses. If you’ve been wondering how to carry out your festive season promotions for your financial services, worry no more. Here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Take part in charitable events

To be honest, the public perception about most brokerages isn’t that positive. But you can improve the brand image of your brokerage by taking part in local charity events. Some of the holiday activities you can sponsor include:

● Town square or mall Christmas tree lighting
● Christmas pageants and plays
● Outdoor ice skating rink
● Host a free screening of a Christmas classic at a local theater
● Collect cans of food for local food banks
● Hold a Toys-for-Tots drive in branches
● Collect warm clothes like jackets and mittens for charities

2. Host your own webinars

You can also take the opportunity to host webinars and educate consumers about personal finances. Talk to them about savings and investment opportunities during the festive season.
Most people spend more money during the festive season than they spend during the other months. It would be great if they can learn how to also make money during the festivities, or at least save some. They would appreciate it if they can escape the Christmas spend debt trap. Ensure you bring out the numbers and statistics.

3. Optimize your website for your ideal client persona

You should optimize your website with your target audience in mind. A generic website will do you more harm than good. Even if you’re customizing the website with a Christmas theme, ensure that the theme remains relevant to your brand image and products.
Ensure that your website can educate, connect, and capture leads. You can also offer free financial resources to act as lead magnets.

4. Offer social proof

Social proof can go a long way in winning you new customers because it gives credibility to your business. You can leverage social proof to grow your brokerage business by:

● Posting reviews and testimonials from existing customers on your website and social media platforms
● Content marketing and blogging to show you are an authority in your niche
● Taking up influencer marketing
● Engaging loyal customers as brand ambassadors
● Engaging your followers on social media platforms
● Leveraging user generated content on your platforms

5. Your associations with regulatory authorities

Anything related to personal finances is usually quite sensitive. People want to entrust their money to companies that are on the good side of the law. So ensure that you display on your website and social media platforms that you are licensed by all the required regulatory authorities. You should also display any positive mentions about your business by the authorities.

Additionally, you can sign up for industry awards and proudly display your nominations and awards won.
Hire a Professional

Sometimes, it’s better to stick to what you do best and leave the marketing bit to a professional. Salt Marketing has helped many financial brokerage businesses to attract new customers and grow their market base. You can trust us to deliver. Call us on 01-906-5862 to discuss your festive season marketing needs with an expert.

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