Festive Season Promotion Tips For IT Practitioners

By Salt

If you are an IT practitioner, it’s never too early to start planning your festive season promotions. This is the best time to boost your revenue generations and grow your IT business before the year folds out. It’s a once-in-a-year opportunity that you have to leverage for the success of your business.
Many IT practitioners ask if they need a festive season promotion for their business. Should you develop a marketing campaign for the festive season? Absolutely! Most consumers might be looking to save money on products they buy for the festive season but that’s not all they are thinking about. The festive season run-up is the perfect opportunity for service-based businesses such as IT to find new customers and start the new year on a high.

Read on to learn how you can carry festive season promotion for a great return on investment (ROI).

Why IT Businesses Need Holiday Promotions

Before we get started on the tips, let’s look at why you absolutely need a festive season marketing campaign for your IT business. Here are a few reasons:

● Not everyone wants a physical product for Christmas. Some people just prefer an experience such as free cloud hosting services, software upgrades, and data migration or backup solutions. Giving them that will go a long way in endearing them to your business.
● Service-based businesses such as IT services aren’t any different from product-based businesses. You have a target audience that you can reach out to through festive season marketing campaigns. If you don’t, you’ll be playing catch-up in the new year.
● It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with your clients. The Christmas season is a period for people to connect with their loved ones. Leverage the chance to let your clients know you wish them nothing but an awesome festive season by saving them money through discounts and offers.
● Additionally, it’s an opportunity to plan for the new year. While many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) see the festive season as an opportunity to unplug, you shouldn’t fall into the trap. With many businesses closing for Christmas, you can use the opportunity to win over new customers and brace yourself for repeat purchases come January.
Depending on how consumers respond to your festive season promotions, you can also use the insights gained to prepare for your January marketing campaigns.
● There’s no better to generate and nurture qualified leads than during the festive season. People are home for the Christmas break and therefore spend more time online than the rest of the year. With the right promotions and tools, you can generate a high number of qualified leads for higher conversion rates.
● Lastly, festive season promotions will also help to keep your social media platforms active. You can keep your online communities engaged and lead more traffic to your website’s landing page. Consistency from your pages will also help in improving your search engine rankings.

Tips For Festive Season Promotions For IT Businesses

Now you know why you should give festive season promotions a shot. Now let’s look at how you can boost your festive season campaigns. Here are a few tips:

  1. Partner with other businesses and charities

No, we don’t mean that you should partner with your competitors! Partnering with complementary businesses can help yours to grow during the festive season. For example, you can partner with learning institutions to offer students remote access to learning materials. You can also partner with real estate companies for virtual or augmented reality viewing of listed properties.
Additionally, you can partner with charities as part of your corporate social responsibility (CSR). This helps with your brand image and positioning.

  1. Offer a new seasonal service

If you are thinking of expanding the business and introducing a new service, you can hold off the launch until the festive season kicks in. It helps to spark renewed interest from repeat customers and attract new ones at a time when people don’t hold back on spending. In 2019, according to Deloitte, every consumer in the UK spent an average €639 on Christmas. This was the most of any European country.
If you are not introducing any new service, you can spin your existing services to give a Christmas feel.

  1. Give free demos

As an IT services provider, your customers would greatly appreciate free demos of your products. It also greatly contributes to your video marketing strategy. Create explainer and how-to videos for your audiences. You can also host Q&A sessions to answer any questions regarding how to get the best out of your product.
This is a great festive season promotions idea because clients can experience your service for themselves. If they’re happy, then congrats, you’ll have a new loyal customer!

  1. Partner with influencers

Find IT influencers and reach out to them so you can partner to promote your products and services. They’ll help spread your brand message and put your products before prospective customers. They can walk your customers through your products and showcase how much they can get out of using them.

  1. Host a themed contest

A holiday-themed contest can also be great for your business. There are so many ways you can run a seasonal contest. These include:

● Social media contests
● Gift vouchers
● Exclusive contests or giveaways
● A countdown-to-Christmas giveaway

Other ideas for festive season promotions include early bird sale offers and free resources which serve as lead magnets.
Discover how to create an effective festive season marketing plan, so that you can attract your ideal client, be profitable, and sleep well. Get in touch with Salt Marketing today.

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