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Google Ads can boost your website traffic very quickly, increasing your visibility and helping your target audience find you – but only if this is done right. With virtually everyone using Google to search for products and services, investing in a properly-crafted Adwords campaign can turbo-charge your business operations.

  • 65% of people click on ads when making an online purchase.
  • PPC generates 2X more visitors than SEO, making it critical to get you results faster. (SEO remains key for long-term success)
  • Businesses generate $8 in profit for every $1 they spend on ads, according to Google.

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    Get More From Your Google Ads

    Does the intent of your ads and offers match strongly with your audience and keywords? Do the ads answer your audience's questions or provide solutions to what they are searching for? Has the landing page been optimised – and does it make it easier for site visitors to take the next step? All these factors combine to determine the effectiveness of your Google Ads strategy – and our team builds you a tailored campaign to extract the most value from your marketing budget.

    Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

    For most industries in 2022, the cost per click for search ads ranges between $2 to $4. Niches with the highest CPCs include Attorneys & Legal Services, Dentists & Dental Services, and Home Improvement, where this ranges from $6 to $8 per click. Such industries are characterised by high marketing costs, the decision cycle for the consumer is longer, but there is also more value obtained with each individual conversion. For instance, a person looking for Dentists & Dental Services already has a clear picture of what they're after, making them more likely you fill in the contact form or schedule an appointment.

    On the flip side, the lowest CPCs are seen in includes like Travel, Real Estate and Arts & Entertainment, where the cost per click typically falls under $2. For instance, a person booking a non-refundable ticket will want to explore more options before committing, unlike with the dental appointments where the intent is more solid, and fewer options are looked at.

    These rates vary due to different factors. For instance, the easing of COVID travel restrictions saw competition heating up in the travel industry – and as more people began travelling the CPCs in the niche increased by 16% in 2022.

    Conversion rates also vary, for instance, businesses in the Apparel/Fashion & Jewellery as well as Furniture industries have conversion rates ranging at 2%, while for Animals & Pets and those in the medical niche like Physicians & Surgeons saw rates as high as 15% in 2022. More activities picking up after the pandemic saw conversions for ads in Arts & Entertainment industries increase by 34%. How are the conversions for your particular business?

    Our Google Ad services cater to businesses in different industries:

    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Animals & Pets
    • Apparel / Fashion & Jewellery
    • Attorneys & Legal Services
    • Automotive
    • Beauty & Personal Care
    • Business Services
    • Career & Employment
    • Dentists & Dental Services
    • Education & Instruction
    • Finance & Insurance
    • Furniture
    • Health & Fitness
    • Home & Home Improvement
    • Industrial & Commercial
    • Personal Services (e.g., Weddings, Cleaners)
    • Physicians & Surgeons
    • Real Estate
    • Restaurants & Food
    • Shopping, Collectibles & Gifts (General)
    • Sports & Recreation
    • Travel

    With Salt Marketing Google ads services, we will make your ads and landing pages more relevant, improving your Quality Score, and also undertaking keyword research and a proper account structure to get you more value from your ad spend.

    Score More Leads and Clients With Google Ads PPC Management

    Do you sell niche products like zero waste goods, industrial equipment and organic food? These hard-to-find products typically have narrow audiences searching for them, and hence need segmentation and highly targeted marketing techniques to push the ads. Urgent products and services – like plumbing works, car towing and job search services on the other hand have shorter decision-making processes, with most viewers of the ads clicking right through to the landing page, so you want your ads to be at the top of the search results.

    Low cost-per-click industries, be they ecommerce, arts & entertainment, or travel & hospitality get to benefit greatly from PPC campaigns since a well-crafted strategy will have more profitability. High-margin niches including dental and physician services, lawyers, financial consultants and mining equipment suppliers will draw in more clients from a custom AdWords campaign.

    It is more feasible for businesses with high customer lifetime value – like doctors, universities and utility providers to allocate more funds to acquiring more leads through the AdWords campaign since their consumers will stick around for longer and spend more money throughout the lifetime of their interaction with the business. PPC management for eCommerce stores already score high click-through rates and conversion rates with online shopping being a trillion-dollar industry.

    At Salt Marketing, we provide Google Ads management services that build on the strengths of your particular industry, with optimized strategies and tools to generate results.

    Targeted Ads That Hit The Spot

    Get in touch with our support team to discuss the ideal Google Ads package for your business. Our creative team and digital marketing specialists are on standby to design and push quality ads for your site. Drop us a message here.

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