Drive Business Expansion
with Google Ads

Learn how to optimise your business potential by utilising Google Ads, the most efficient online advertising platform. We customise our campaigns to increase brand recognition, traffic, and sales. Accurate targeting and real-time information enable you to achieve unparalleled growth and ROI.



    Google Ad Services

    Google PPC Advertising Campaigns

    Google P-Max Ads

    Google P-Max built to optimise conversions across all channels with the help of AI. Get the most out of your campaigns with Google's latest advertising tools.

    • AI-powered optimisation
    • Unified campaign management
    • Drives conversions across all Google channels
    • Suitable for: All businesses, especially those looking for a comprehensive, multi-channel advertising solution

    Google Shopping Ads

    Increase your products visibility, which results in better ROI. We can assist you in effectively showcasing your products to potential buyers, resulting in increased sales, by improving qualified leads, broadening your audience.

    • Enhanced product visibility
    • Improved qualified leads
    • Broader audience reach
    • Suitable for: E-commerce businesses, retailers

    Google Search Ads

    Never stuck with smaller budget, search ads are Suitable for any budget. These ads delivery faster results by building brand awareness, faster than even SEO.

    • Suitable for any budget
    • Builds brand awareness
    • Delivers faster results than SEO
    • Suitable for: All businesses, including startups and small businesses

    Google Display Ads

    These highly visual ads offers high conversion rate. Get more people to engage with your ads and visit your website faster with eye-catching, highly-converting ads that run across the web.

    • Boosts website traffic
    • Increases ad engagement
    • High conversion rate
    • Suitable for: B2B and B2C businesses, brand awareness campaigns

    Google Video Ads

    Create compelling video content that promotes your products and services at a low cost and influences consumer decisions to buy.

    • Influences buying decisions
    • Drives conversions
    • Cost-effective solution
    • Suitable for: Brands with strong visual content, product demonstrations, storytelling

    Google Local Services Ads

    Get the most out of your advertising budget by increasing exposure and clicks with flexible targeting options and paying for visible leads only.

    • Increased visibility and clicks
    • Varied targeting options
    • Pay for visible leads
    • Suitable for: Local businesses, service providers (e.g., plumbers, electricians, cleaners)

    Google Remarketing Ads

    Using targeted ad copy and a lower cost per click, you can re-engage past visitors and turn them into customers.

    • Lower cost per click
    • Targeted ad copy
    • Attracts potential leads
    • Suitable for: Businesses looking to re-engage past visitors, e-commerce sites

    Google Gmail Ads

    These advertisements are responsive and mobile-friendly, so they will reach the right people with your message. They also have higher viewability and various targeted features for calls to action.

    • Mobile-friendly and responsive.
    • Higher viewability.
    • Multiple targeted features for CTAs.
    • Suitable for: B2C businesses, email-based marketing strategies.

    Google Mobile App Ads

    Improve your mobile app's engagement and download numbers with more targeted, personalised ads that reach more people.

    • Higher click-through rate.
    • More personalized ads.
    • Targets a larger audience base.
    • Suitable for: App developers, businesses with a mobile app

    Our process

    How we work

    Strategy Development
    Message Alignment
    Account Structure
    Audience Targeting
    Testing in Google Ads Marketing

    Strategy Development

    We start from reviewing your objectives/ KPIs that align with your business goals. The second step is to prepare a clear roadmap that includes content strategy, goal setting, audience research, preparation of assets, segmentation, and platform selection. This ensures our strategy is tailored to meet your unique needs.

    • Goal Setting: Clearly define your objectives.
    • Audience Research & Segmentation:Identify and segment your target audience.
    • Platform Selection & Content Strategy:Choose the right platforms and create a content plan.

    Message Alignment

    We incorporate your paid campaigns with your content marketing plan to achieve brand consistency. This alignment promotes consistent storytelling and maximises message impact across mediums.

    • Consistent Storytelling
    • Understand Target Audience
    • Tailor Content for Each Platform

    Account Structure

    Your Google Ads account is set up to serve customers at every stage of the buying journey, from initial interest to final purchase. We help your brand and strategy by reaching your audience at every relevant touchpoint.

    • Account Setup: Establish and optimise your Google Ads account.
    • Campaign Segmentation:Organize campaigns to target different buyer personas.
    • Content Calendar: Plan and schedule your ads to ensure consistent engagement.

    Audience Targeting

    Our audience targeting technique aligns sponsored ads with content marketing goals. We personalise content to each category of your target audience to maximise engagement and effectiveness.

    • Understand Target Audience:Both affinity and in-market approach is important
    • Tailor Content for Each Platform:Compose content that resonate with different google ad format.

    Testing in Google Ads Marketing

    We understand the importance of testing in Google Ads marketing to optimise campaign performance. Our data-driven testing process refines strategies to achieve the best results and ensure your campaigns reach their full potential.

    • Ad and Content Testing: Test different ad creatives and content formats.
    • Audience Targeting Testing:Experiment with various audience segments.
    • Platform-Specific Testing: Tailor content and testing strategies for each Google ad format.

    Maximising Campaign
    Success with Targeted

    Discover the power of tailored approach that our expert take to maximise the return from your campaigns. With clear, concise reporting and a simplified dashboard, we help you optimise your budget and stay ahead.

    Dedicated Landing Page

    We recommend a dedicated landing page for every specific campaigns, in order to generate high conversion. We can create high-converting landing pages optimised to capture leads and drive conversions. These landing pages will be:

    • Targeted: Designed specifically for your campaign goals, ensuring a clear and relevant message for your target audience.
    • Conversion-Focused: Optimised with clear calls to action, compelling visuals, and a user-friendly layout to maximise lead generation or sales.
    • Mobile-Responsive: Built to function flawlessly across all devices, capturing leads no matter how they access your campaign.
    • A/B Tested: Continuously tested and refined to ensure optimal performance and the highest conversion rates possible.

    Performance Monitoring

    VIGILANT our reporting dashboard is AI powered which helps us in identifying any room to improve. We continuously monitor campaign performance through key metrics, allowing us to adjust strategies and optimise results in real-time. Here's what we track:

    • Engagement Metrics: Track likes, comments, shares, and mentions to understand audience interaction and content performance.
    • Reach & Impressions: Monitor the number of people who see your content and the overall reach of your campaigns.
    • Click-Through Rates (CTR): Analyze how effectively your content drives traffic to your website or landing pages.
    • Lead Generation & Conversions: Track the number of leads captured and conversions achieved through your social media campaigns.
    • Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitor activity and industry trends to stay ahead of the curve and refine your approach.
    • ROI (Return on Investment): Track the financial performance of your campaigns and measure the value generated from your social media efforts.

    Budget Woes

    No Guesswork, Maximum Impact
    All you have to do is to share your goal with us, we prepare a media plan to suit your capacity to handle the work as well good for your pocket. Small budgets should not equal small results, but the wrong strategy can deplete your resources. Managing paid ad budgets can be complicated. We eliminate guesswork from the equation. Here's how:

    • Align Goals & Budget:Our first step is to comprehend your marketing goals. We develop a targeted media plan that maximises your return on investment (ROI) once we understand your goals.
    • Cost-Effective Strategies: Monitor the number of people who see your content and the overall reach of your campaigns.

    What You'll Gain

    • Regular Reporting Schedule:Stay informed with daily, weekly, or monthly reports delivered to your preferred frequency. We ensure that you have the data you require when you need it.
    • Simplified Dashboard: Access all your social media performance data in one place with our user-friendly dashboard. No more digging through spreadsheets!
    • Identify Trends & Opportunities: Our reports help you identify key trends and emerging conversations to stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on new opportunities to maximise your social media impact.
    • Measure ROI and Optimise Budgets: Monitor the return on investment (ROI) of your social media campaigns to make informed budget allocation decisions. We assist you in ensuring that your social media efforts generate tangible business value.

    Our Reporting

    Centralised monitoring & integration
    of all marketing channels

    Say goodbye to segregated data and different reporting! We offer, a powerful marketing integration and data tool-VIGILANT,to give you one dashboard of all your marketing activities

    Connect Everything, Analyse Everything

    Our AI-powered tools work seamlessly with a huge number of marketing systems, such as:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Google Search Console, Serp Stat
    Google My Business, Brightlocal, Bing Webmaster Tools
    Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Ads

    Get More From
    Your Google Ads

    Does the intent of your ads and offers match strongly with your audience and keywords? Do the ads answer your audience's questions or provide solutions to what they are searching for? Has the landing page been optimised – and does it make it easier for site visitors to take the next step? All these factors combine to determine the effectiveness of your Google Ads strategy – and our team builds you a tailored campaign to extract the most value from your marketing budget.

    Industries We Serve with
    Our Google Ad Services

    Google Ads for Arts & Entertainment

    Use targeted advertisements to promote your weekly and monthly events. You can start with any budget.

    Google ads for Animals & Pets

    Engage animal lovers and pet owners with eye-catching advertisements that showcase goods, services, and pet care details.

    Google Ads for Apparel, Fashion & Jewelry

    Fashion-forward consumers will be drawn to your trendy and eye-catching advertisements, which will increase brand awareness and sales both together.

    Google Ads for Legal Services

    Our precion-targeted advertisements will connect with those who are interested in your legal services, whether they are home buyers or seeking to draft their will.

    Google Ads for Automotive

    Automotive sector is highly competitive, drive traffic to your dealership or auto service business with ads designed to capture the attention of car buyers.

    Google Ads for Beauty & Personal Care

    In the fiercely competitive beauty industry, you truly need experts to stay in front of prospective clients. Use eye-catching advertisements to promote your beauty products and services to your audience.

    Google Ads for Business Services

    We are experts in highlighting your USP to decision-makers. Advertise your B2B services and solutions to decision-makers and business professionals.

    Google Ads for Career & Employment

    To draw top talent and job seekers from a variety of industries, advertise job vacancies and career services.

    Google Ads for Dentists & Dental Services

    Promote your services locally aling with the brand awareness for your dental practice. Let us help you Increase patient bookings with the targeted ads.

    Google Ads for Education & Instruction

    Either you are selling online courses, or looking to promote your educational programs and courses to students, targeted google ads will help you reach out to potential students.

    Google Ads for Sports & Recreation

    Its easy to romote your sports equipment, activities, and recreational services to active individuals and enthusiasts, with Google ads.

    Google Ads for Finance & Insurance

    Whether it's on a local or global, Google Ads can help you connect with people who needs your help. Gain the trust of potential clients by advertising your financial and insurance services with credibility-focused ads.

    Google Ads for Furniture

    Grow locally or nationwide, showcase your furniture collections and attract home decorators with visually appealing ads that drive sales.

    Google Ads for Health & Fitness

    Use Google Ads to raise brand awareness or create leads for your business. Your target audience is ready to learn how you can help them stay healthy via exercise programmes, wellness products, and healthcare services.

    Google Ads for Home & Home Improvement

    Either you have ideas, tips or reach out to the low hanging fruits, Google ads are suitable for your business. Advertise your home improvement services and products to homeowners looking to upgrade their living spaces.

    Google Ads for Industrial & Commercial

    Use ads that highlight your products and business solutions to reach out to industrial buyers and commercial clients.

    • Demographics like the gender, age, interests and physical location of the target audience;
    • Industry – from the company that the individuals work for, to the size of the workforce
    • Job description – The job title, its seniority level in the organisation, fields of study, all through to the degrees that they obtained
    • Audience matching, where data from LinkedIn, as well as that collected from your business – including web traffic and mailing lists, is used to select users to target for the marketing.

    Our LinkedIn ad solutions give you more precision to ensure that you’re getting to your desired audience.

    Google Ads for Personal Services

    Highlight your USPs, to all those who are looking for your services. Connect with individuals seeking personal services through targeted ads that emphasise quality and reliability.

    Google Ads for Physicians & Surgeons

    Promote your medical practice and specialties to patients who require experienced healthcare services.

    Google ads foe Real Estate

    With the booming property market, stay ahead of the competition, advertise properties and real estate services to potential buyers, sellers, and renters in your target market.

    Google Ads for Restaurants & Food

    Use the targeted Google advertisements to fill your reservations in advance. Draw customers in with attractive ads that highlight your food and eating experience.

    Google ads for Shopping, Collectibles & Gifts

    The e-commerce sector is incredibly profitable despite intense competition. Advertise with speciality products, collectibles, and gift items to draw customers to your store.

    Google Ads for Travel & Tourism

    Either you promoting locally or globally, Google ads are for you. Capture the attention of tourists with ads that showcase destinations, travel deals, and tourism services.

    Case Studies

    Type of WorkFinancial BrokerIndustry

    • Content Development

    • Website Development

    • Website Maintenance

    • Facebook Marketing

    Type of WorkFinancial BrokerIndustry

    • Content Development

    • Website Development

    • Website Maintenance

    Type of WorkDrinkware SetsIndustry

    • Brand Guidelines

    • E-commerce Website

    • Digital Marketing

    Type of WorkDesign, Print, DistributeIndustry

    • Website Maintenance

    • Website Development

    • Brand Guidlines

    • Content Writing

    Type of WorkIreland's Premier Boiler Installation CompanyIndustry

    • Brand Guidelines

    • A New Landing Page

    • Google Ads

    • Facebook Management


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