IG Ads By A Creative Eye

Marketing across the buyer’s journey – from awareness to conversion

  • 70%
    Shopping enthusiasts who use Instagram to discover new products.
    Source: Instagram
  • 1.22%
    Median engagement rate on Instagram. For perspective, that's 13.5x more than Facebook posts at 0.09%, and 27x times more than Tweets at 0.048%.
    Source: RIvalIQ
  • 4 million
    Businesses using Instagram Stories ads every month
    Source: Instagram

To have a successful Instagram advertising campaign, you need three things:

  • Strategic insight
  • A creative touch that reels in your audience
  • Time to implement your strategy and monitor its progress

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    Save Time Managing Your Instagram Presence

    SaltMarketing Instagram marketing team keeps up to date with the latest algorithm changes and industry updates, and employs best practices to grow your business. We free you to focus your efforts on what you do best: managing your day-to-day business operations. Leave the social media marketing to us.

    With you every step of the way

    The Instagram marketing campaigns help you in three main ways:

    • Boost awareness – We generate buzz about your brand or products, reaching and influencing more people within your particular niche, to push content and ads that will make them more interested in your business, products or services.
    • Increased consideration – Are your followers casually scrolling through your IG posts and ads, or have you captured their attention to make them want to learn more about what you have to offer? The focus here is getting your followers to interact with you, increasing the traffic, video views and engagement on your posts.
    • Score higher conversions – Objectives here range from getting users to request a quote from your service, register for an event or webinar, go through with a purchase such as for those with ecommerce stores, and get more foot traffic to your physical business.

    Visuals for your Brand

    Different ad formats are used for the Instagram marketing campaign. These range from photos and short snippets, videos to promote your product, service or brand – with the clips passing more information and having a call-to-action, to carousels where multiple images are combined into one post. The creative minds of our IG marketing team will develop visuals that will capture the attention of your target audience.

    Power your Stories Ads Campaigns

    Stories on IG is one of the most popular features for Instagrammers. We will help you leverage on it to generate more engagement and conversions. The content within the ad matters. For instance, Stories ads that have central text tend to outperform ads that don’t have text 75% of the time, according to marketing stats from Instagram. With the experience that our IG marketing team comes with, they will create Stories ads that are in line with your brand and objectives.

    The Reel Effect

    Are you using Instagram Reels for your business? Take NFL teams’ Reels for instance, which generate 67% more engagement compared to their regular video posts – with those like The Patriots getting 121,800 engagements per Reel, magnitudes higher than their 21,600 engagements per video posts. Our team will create content for the Reels, incorporating them into the marketing strategy for optimal effect.

    Targeted Ads

    Given Instagram’s expansive userbase, you want to ensure that your as are reaching the required audience. For instance, going by Statista, the largest group of Instagrammers is 25-34 year olds, who make up 25.2% of the users. Our Instagram ad team will use factors like user interests, location, behaviours and demographics to narrow down the digital marketing efforts to the specific population that you want to connect with.

    Get more ROI from your ad spend

    According to HubSpot, the average CPC across Instagram is $0.70-$1.00. We will work within your set budget, focusing on the different parts of the buyer's journey – from brand and product awareness to increase the conversion and rake in more revenue for your business. Our data analytics enables us to adjust the marketing campaigns as needed to optimize the results.

    Engaging Influencers

    They are an asset to Instagram marketing campaigns – you just need to ensure that you’re working with the right ones for your brand. With Instagram data showing that 87% of people are driven to make a purchase by an influencer, will you make them part of your marketing strategy? This depends on your business and its objectives. Talk to us to strategize the best approach for your operations.

    Our Most Popular Services

    Our end-to-end content marketing services engage audiences and support commercial goals across all channels for successful content marketing.

    Paid Ads
    PPC campaign is fairly simple to start with and to spend some money but to ensure success,
    Social Media Ads
    These are developed for the different social media feeds, and are a great way to get more brand discovery,
    Facebook Ads
    How are your digital marketing efforts fairing? 1 in 3 companies in a report published by HubSpot listed Facebook ads as their best ROI provider,
    LinkedIn Ads
    We cater to the different ad formats on LinkedIn, including: sponsored content that appears within the feed of LinkedIn users as they scroll through posts from their connections;
    YouTube Ads
    There are plenty of reasons why YouTube should be part of your digital marketing strategy. For starters,
    Amazon Ads
    Every PPC campaign needs to be tailored to its platform, and the same case applies to Amazon ads. Before you go ahead and plough your money into the process,
    Google Ads
    Search Ads
    These are the ads that show up on the search engine result pages (SERPs), typically at the top and bottom. For instance, with Google,
    Google Remarketing Ads
    The goal here is to reengage your website's visitors. When people land on your site from search engines or social media platforms,
    Google Display Ads
    These are the ads that will show up on Google's partner websites. Unlike search ads, these can include both photos and text.

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