Ads To Connect To Your LinkedIn Audience

Targeted Marketing to Pools Of Business Professionals

  • 61 million
    Senior-level influencers on LinkedIn, i.e. the people responsible for either driving business decisions or actually making them within their organizations.
    Source: LinkedIn
  • 96%
    B2B marketers who use LinkedIn for organic social media marketing
    Source: ContentMarketingInstitute
  • 3x
    LinkedIn lead conversion rate is 3 times higher compared to Twitter or Facebook
    Source: HubSpot

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    The LinkedIn Advertising Service You Can Rely On

    All-round Ads

    We cater to the different ad formats on LinkedIn, including: sponsored content that appears within the feed of LinkedIn users as they scroll through posts from their connections; text ads that are shown at the top, side or bottom of the feed and can quickly capture the attention of the users; and sponsored InMail messages that are sent directly to the prospective customers in their LinkedIn Messenger inbox.

    Generate Valuable Leads For Your Business

    Did you know that 80% of B2B leads are generated on LinkedIn? You can leverage this power to drive in more leads for your business or organisation. What’s more, with the 500 million+ business professionals on the platform, there is vast potential to have an active presence with users who are interested in your niche.

    Amp Up Your Revenue

    With LinkedIn users having 2x more buying power than the average web audience, that is a key resource that could charge up your business growth. Data from LinkedIn shows that 44% of the platform’s users earn over $75,000 annually, and 26% have earnings between $50,000 and $74,000. For B2B and B2C businesses targeting affluent audiences for their products and services, this is a vital platform that you can't ignore.

    Get more from LinkedIn Live Streams

    LinkedIn videos themselves already score higher engagements compared to regular posts. However, Live Video cranks things up further, giving brands over 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments compared to regular video – according to data published by the platform. Given that the live video streams are more engaging for audiences, will they blend into your marketing strategy? Our LinkedIn team will create a plan that will be in line with your business or organization's objectives.

    Ultra-Targeted Ads

    With LinkedIn, there are over 200 targeting characteristics that can be used when tailoring your audience. This includes

    • Demographics like the gender, age, interests and physical location of the target audience;
    • Industry – from the company that the individuals work for, to the size of the workforce
    • Job description – The job title, its seniority level in the organisation, fields of study, all through to the degrees that they obtained
    • Audience matching, where data from LinkedIn, as well as that collected from your business – including web traffic and mailing lists, is used to select users to target for the marketing.

    Our LinkedIn ad solutions give you more precision to ensure that you’re getting to your desired audience.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    Features like the LinkedIn Sales Navigator are quite handy in defining and targeting the right buyers, personalising content for the audiences based on the insights that have been provided. This gets you closer to the right people and generates more valuable leads. In fact, marketers using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator report getting 7% higher win rates when closing deals.

    Performance Analytics

    We analyse the data from the marketing efforts to adjust the strategies on the go, and ensure that they are optimised for best results. We use tools such as LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights that assess KPIs like impressions, lead form opens, CPCs and click-through-rate of the ads; to Google Analytics that evaluates the traffic that gets to your website from LinkedIn, including the bounce rate, page views and the length of the sessions.

    Recruit professional talent for your business

    Are you looking to expand your workforce? Our LinkedIn marketing strategies also come in handy when recruiting prospective employees for businesses. We will enable you to attract talent that will be an asset to your business or organization.

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