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A brand built in 10 years can be ruined in 5 minutes.
Remember the Burger King employee who decided to take a birthday bath in one of the utility sinks and post it on MySpace? The video lit up the internet – and he ended up getting fired. Or the debacle with retail giant H&M having a black child model in a hoodie saying ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ – which triggered widespread backlash. The company apologized and removed the hoodie from its stores worldwide.

Any company, whether it’s a global franchise or an upcoming startup, is susceptible to negative publicity. It can be due to their own actions, or full-on attack by rival businesses. Get on top of how customers, stakeholders, and the general market as a whole perceive you with our brand reputation management services.

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    What We Do

    We monitor how consumers view your business and devise strategies to improve their perception of your brand's image. This entails guarding your brand's reputation across social media platforms, reviews on business directory listings, and on Google search results.

    Our reputation management aims at helping your company stay on top of public perception and address any damaging situations early. A negative reputation damages sales and the ability to retain customers. However, it also helps a brand manager know what their customers want and their ethical concerns. This information helps update the business protocol to meet the needs of the consumer.

    Giving you a positive reputation helps your brand/ business in three significant ways:

    • Increase customer loyalty : Grow your value from repeat customers. To retain customers, you need to understand them. Surveys indicate that 56% of customers feel loyal to brands that 'get them.' Customers also choose to stay loyal to brands that share their values.
    • Improve customer confidence in your brand : Many customers prefer to purchase from large brands that they can trust. Smaller brands normally find it harder to gain the confidence of clients. However, you can build that trust in clients with brand reputation management and even turn them into loyal clients.
    • Drive bottom-line growth : Brand reputation is an intangible asset that gives you tangible results i.e., higher sales and increased profits. By consistently maintaining the quality level of your products and services, and more customers going for your brand due to its positive standing in the market, you get a stronger bottom line.

    Top Industries Benefiting From Our BRand Reputation Management Services

    • Hospitality (e.g. Hotels, Restaurants, Event organizers, Amusement parks, Casinos and Tour/Cruise businesses)
    • Healthcare (Over 75% of patients already rely on the internet to find a doctor, making your brand identity critical)
    • Financial Services (Clients only give their money to banks, wealth management and insurance firms they trust)

    Why Choose Us

    We undertake several initiatives aimed at improving your brand's image and encourage growth. They include;

    • Public relations: A strong public relations program positions a brand as a leader in the field. PR helps improve brand perception, manage any negative sentiments and inform customer opinion. Our PR team can secure more exposure for your brand through publications and even awards.
    • SEO (search engine optimization) : Sound SEO strategies will put you at the top of search engine results, where more customers will reach you. By leveraging strategic keywords and content, SEO drives more traffic to your site, thereby growing sales.
    • Social media management : Social media stands as one of the integral parts of managing brand reputation. It makes your business more accessible and consumer-focused. Our team uses it to improve your customer relationships.
    • Website Development : A company website should be fast loading, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing for customers. Our web development team kicks in to make it easier for customers to find the information they need. It improves brand loyalty and reduces website abandonment.
    • Customer reviews : Reviews greatly influence customer decisions. Surveys show that about 87% of consumers read reviews for local businesses in 2020. It means that a company with poor reviews is likely to drive away consumers. Companies that take action based on comments and feedback are more likely to succeed in attracting and retaining clients.

    Make Your Customers The Brand Ambassadors of Your Company

    We're here to protect and grow your brand value.

    In the daily rush of business operations, it is easy to lose sight of the importance of brand reputation to corporate growth. The lack of brand reputation management can cause damage to a brand which will take money and time to repair.

    Start investing in your brand image today. Contact our team, to find out how we are suited to help you with your brand.

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    • Your content is completely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your own requirements and preferences.
    • Save a lot of time and money by doing your own research and creating your own material.
    • You'll be able to stay on top of the ever-changing digital scene.
    • Every month, all curated, high-quality content is made accessible.
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