What Is Our ChatBot Marketing Service?

Simply put, our Chatbot is an artificial intelligence program (a live chat customer service window) that can communicate with your website visitors. It is specially customized to offer quality customer service. Not only does it give browsers the experience of a warm, human conversation, but also helps them in sharing their queries. ChatBot Marketing is very trending now a days.

We customize every Chatbot to perfectly encompass your specific customer service arena and address customer enquiries in real-time. All this, without the requirement of hiring anyone to maintain the program. We’ll take care of simply everything for you!

Why ChatBot Needs To Be A Part Of Your Website?

  • Interactive Artificial Intelligence Program
  • Drastic Increase in Sales and Leads
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Resolves Complex Customer Questions
  • Secure Submission of Forms, Orders and Payments

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    How Is ChatBot Better Than Orthodox Chatting?

    • No Need to Hire a Program Manager
    • No Regular Maintenance Required
    • Simple and Hassle-Free Installation
    • Automatic Escalations and Meeting Schedules
    • More Affordable than an In-House Member

    How We Do It

    • Step 1: It all starts with our creative minds coming together to study your specific requirements, if any, for your Chatbot.
    • Step 2: Then comes the process of comprehensively getting into the skin of your business, your brand and your competitors.
    • Step 3: All the possible questions your website visitors would like to ask are listed under a common platform.
    • Step 4: Targeting optimum customer satisfaction, answers for all these questions are prepared in an industry expert tone.
    • Step 5: Using a smart keyword recognition program, the answers are then connected to their respective questions.
    • Step 6: There’s a program for the users to share their information safely and securely, so that you can know your target better.
    • Step 7: A provision to instantly connect the users to your staff when it’s time is also duly added to the system.

    Some of the Clients We've helped

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    Simply put, our Chatbot is an artificial intelligence program (a live chat customer service window) that can communicate with your website visitors.
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