Custom Web Application Development

The Irish eCommerce industry is worth €3 billion. In 2020, 65% of Irish people bought at least one product online. If you’ve ever doubted the importance of digital presence to your business, look at the figures again. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on. But how do you leverage the opportunity for your business growth?

The answer is simple- custom web app development.

Tailor-made, secure, and scalable web apps will help you to achieve your business goals without breaking a sweat. That’s why you need to partner with best-in-class IT experts in Ireland.

Salt Marketing specializes in building custom-made, well-designed web applications, backed up by tech tools that are proven in action. Our team of experts are not only simple but also efficient. We develop effective custom web applications for business across all industries.

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    Dedicated Services For Your Company

    We take on every web development project with one understanding- that every business is different. Your business needs an appropriate approach that is made-to-measure. We go the extra mile to understand your unique business needs so we can deliver the right product at the first attempt.

    Our services include:

    • MVP Development: If you are looking for a quick way of gathering initial market feedback and making fact-based strategic decisions, then a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is what you need. Our MVP web app will enable you to maximize business value minimising the technical effort.
    • Frontend Development: All that your customers want is a user-friendly and well-designed web app. At Salt Marketing, we’ll ensure that you give them just that. We guarantee ease of use, intuitiveness, and a great customer experience.
    • Backend Development: It’s not only the frontend that matters. You also need a solid and reliable backend foundation for your custom web app to be robust, secure, and scalable. We’ll use a variety of tools, frameworks, and languages to ensure that you have the most solid backend you can have.
    • PWA Development: If you need a native-like mobile experience built as a web solution for increased ROI, we can also build a Progressive Web Application (PWA) for you. Our PWA development services are cost-effective, offer top-notch user experience, and combine stability across all platforms.

    How We Work

    We have a pool of talented and broadly experienced custom web app developers at your disposal. They’ll discuss your business needs and develop a beautiful and robust web app that exceeds your expectations.

    Our web app development is done in five simple steps:

    • Business analysis
    • Prototyping or building an MVP
    • Custom development
    • Testing
    • Release

    We take initiatives and work autonomously as part of your team. We guarantee transparency, true partnership, unbeatable value for your money, and access to a hub of talented developers, designers, project managers, and quality analysts.

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    If you’re still in doubt, we will help you find the answers you need. At Salt Marketing, we’ll ensure that you get more than just a finished product.

    Tap into the pool of benefits of working with the best web app development agency in Ireland and make the most of custom web application development.

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