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Content strategy has become a common topic recently, but the problem is that most of the experts discussing it provides advice for large companies. This makes it seem less applicable for smaller businesses, which is not true. Every business that wants to expand its online reach needs to develop a digital content strategy.


Digital content strategy is a plan for helping a business create and distribute content to reach new audiences in order to achieve business goals and objectives. There are different types of digital content: blog posts, website content, emails, social media updates, e-books, podcasts, and even webinars.

Any form of digital content consists of 4 main elements;

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    • Information. The actual information you intend to pass along to your audience. Is it supposed to be factual, informative, or entertaining?
    • Context. What is the purpose of the content? Who is the target audience? Why are you publishing it?
    • Medium. What channel do you plan to use to publish the content? For example, Is it on social media pages, blogs, emails, etc., and how does the medium influence the message?
    • Form. Is your content in the form of text, audio, video graphic, or even virtual reality?

    How Does Digital Content Strategy Help You?

    Content has become vital for current businesses when used to attract potential clients to a business. It has become a reliable substitute for traditional push advertising techniques. Through digital content, potential customers discover your site organically when they search for topics and concepts relevant to them.

    Google processes roughly 6.9 billion searches per day whereby 27% of traffic comes from the U.S alone. So, there is a lot of traffic online and you just need to optimize your site and put up content people are interested in.

    Instead of relying on ads to push sales, a digital content strategy aims at providing your target audience with the information they need or care about. From there, you build trust with them such that if they do decide to make a purchase, they will consider you first.

    How to Develop Your Digital Content Strategy

    Creating a digital content strategy can take your business to new heights. Furthermore, it is not challenging to do. Here are five steps you can use to formulate your strategy.

    • Define Your Goals : What are your goals for marketing? Your goals should dictate the blueprint you will use to develop a content strategy.
    • Audit the content You already Have : After establishing your goals, revisit your previous content and ensure it aligns with your objectives. You might have some insightful blogs and other content that need updating instead of a complete rework.
    • Conduct Digital content research : Find out what your target audience is interested in so that you can tap into these topics. You can even research your competitors to see what they are doing differently and how you can do it better.
    • Create your content : Choose the topics you will cover and decide on the technical items you can incorporate in your digital content. For blogs, you can use keyword research to identify the subtopics that performing competitors are using and include them in your articles.
    • Publish and Promote : For your audience to see your content, they need to be able to find you. If your content is well optimized for search engines, customers will find you on their own. However, you can also promote your content through social media for even more traffic.

    Final thoughts

    Creating a digital content strategy might take some time, but it is worth it. The fact that you can do it on your own is even better. However, there is also the option of consulting a professional and we can provide a team of experts to help you create a content strategy that works for you.

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    Brand reputation management involves monitoring how consumers view your business and devising strategies to improve their perception of your brand's image.

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