Email Marketing

Email marketing provides you with a direct channel to reach your audience with content about your business such as discounts and promotions. It gives you the ability to control who sees your emails by segmenting your audience based on location, demographics, lead status, and other metrics. It is the most effective marketing strategy for staying in your prospects and clients’ minds.

Be Strategic In Your Methods

Prospects signing up for your email notifications doesn’t mean that the bag has been secured. Abusing your email list for spams can be counterproductive and harmful to your brand. An effective email marketing strategy doesn’t always mean converted leads. Most of the time, it is about keeping in touch, building relationships, and keeping the brand in front of the customer.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help your business build and nurture a relationship with your customers, build brand loyalty, and ultimately increase sales. At Salt Marketing, we have the perfect blend of expertise and experience to deliver these email marketing objectives to you.

Get Started

    What You Will Get

    Our email marketing services are tailored to your specific business needs. Our experts will listen to your needs and goals and deliver the best email marketing solutions. When you engage our services, you will enjoy the following benefits;

    • Optimal formatting for a responsive email design across different devices.
    • An automated email marketing plan that will save you money, time, and unnecessary headaches.
    • Excellent email copywriting services that achieve the highest ROI.
    • Fully managed email marketing services from the start to finish.
    • Email marketing campaign production and deployment for targeted communications.
    • Clean out your email list and weed out tired email addresses.

    Features Of Our Email Marketing Plans

    What does our email marketing strategy entail? Some of the features of our email marketing plans include:

    • Creating an email newsletter: We design engaging email marketing campaigns that make it easy and comfortable for you to create and send emails to customers.
    • Monitoring and tracking your campaigns: We will track the performance of your email marketing campaigns and provide in-depth insights that will be key to future email campaigns.
    • Anti-Spam Measures: At Salt Marketing, we follow email marketing best practices to ensure that your email campaigns get delivered.
    • Ensuring the delivery of your email campaigns: Our email marketing plans enable you to send out campaigns immediately or schedule them for later. We will send you delivery reports and stats. We guarantee high rates of delivery.
    • Availability of an A/B Split Test: A/B Split Testing is crucial to understanding customer preferences, gaining useful campaign success insights, and tracking campaigns effectively. Our A/B Split Tests will enable you to identify the best email marketing practices for your particular audience, the variables that determine conversion rates, and refine your segmentation accordingly.

    For email marketing campaigns to be successful, it is better to develop your own email list instead of buying from third-party vendors. We don’t take shortcuts at Salt Marketing. We will build a genuine email list through permission-based email marketing strategies.Get in touch with us to get full-service email marketing strategies that will enable you to engage your customer more effectively.

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