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Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform application development framework by Google used to develop native apps for Android, iOS, and websites. Google is working on offering support for desktop Flutter apps too. With Flutter, you can leverage a single codebase to build cross-platform apps in a speedy, efficient manner without multiple bugs. Going by a Google developer survey, around 92% of developers already have a “positive satisfaction" when working with Flutter, and over 53% say they are “very satisfied" . This increases your ROI, as was the case with Nubank, an independent digital bank with 48 million clients, where Flutter gave it a 30% higher merge success rate than using iOS – allowing them to scale quickly without sacrificing quality. It is one of the fastest growing cross-platform app development frameworks.

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    Salt Marketing has experience in developing Flutter apps that deliver a consistent experience across multiple devices. A leading Flutter app development company, we will help you to create functionally-rich, visually appealing, and chart-topping cross-platform Flutter apps.
    We have built unbeatable iOS and Android Flutter apps for hundreds of Irish businesses. We deliver on time and within your budget.
    Why should you choose Flutter app development over native and hybrid app development solutions?

    • Cost effective
    • Faster time to market
    • Better app performance
    • Hot reload
    • Pixel perfect applications
    • Support for older framework versions
    • Web support
    • Desktop apps support
    • Rich community support

    Flutter offers 15% higher performance compared to the other frameworks. Its layer architecture makes it easier for developers to render creative and expressive app designs. The framework focuses on end-user experience, so you’re assured of better user interface and user experience.

    Flutter Powering Industries

    It’s cross-platform app development that gets you to the market faster, for both startups and large companies. You can see multiple global clients using Flutter here, across different industries, including:

    • Social Media platforms like KlasterMe, Pairing, In10, and Baidu
    • Entertainment niche, including Hamilton for Broadway musical fans, Music Tutor, and Stadia where it slashed code lines by 50%.
    • Finance and Business apps like Google Pay where rebuilding the app with Flutter reduced codebase size by 35% and saved the software engineer’s time by 60-70%, as well as Groupon which allows merchants to track their campaign performance
    • Fitness and Health services like Perfectly and Insight Timer. You can even build a medical or telehealth app with Flutter
    • Shopping apps ranging from Xianyu for Alibaba with its 50 million downloads, to Motors from eBay.

    Flutter App Development Services By Salt Marketing

    What do you get from us? Some of the benefits of partnering with Salt Marketing for your Flutter app development solutions include:

    • Flutter App Consulting: Not sure if Flutter is the right choice for your next app? Our team of experienced app developers will help you to select the right strategy and roadmap.
    • Custom Flutter App Development: Salt Marketing’s Flutter development services assures you of smooth, convenient, and fast cross-platform Flutter apps. We are the way to go!
    • API Development & Integration: Our team will also help you to build and deploy a Flutter app that meets your specific business needs. We incorporate your requirements during API development and integrations.
    • Flutter App Support & Maintenance: We offer all the necessary technical support to ensure the smooth functioning of your Flutter app. At Salt Marketing, we take pride in walking the journey of success with our customers.

    Besides our Flutter app development services, we can also fully support your business idea with outstanding tech skills and deliver digital marketing services on time. All hassle-free. We are the perfect partner to walk your digital journey with. Our other services include:

    • Android app development
    • iOS app development
    • Cross platform app development
    • Hybrid mobile app development
    • Website development and maintenance
    • eCommerce website development and maintenance
    • Graphic design services
    • Digital marketing services 

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    What we do is simple. We streamline your business with a next-gen Flutter app. We are a leading Flutter app development company in Ireland. Our Flutter app development services are revolutionary and guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

    If you need to build a multi-platform Flutter app with seamless integrations, appealing user interface, and excellent performance, you should work with us on your project.

    Get free consultation and let us know how we can turn your project idea into an amazing digital product.

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