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You understand your business perfectly. We perfectly understand graphic and logo design. We can partner to create a custom logo for your business that leaves a lasting impression.

Logos define a brand. Take the famous Nike “Swoosh" for instance. This cost a mere  $35 USD when it was designed in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson  as part of a freelance gig – and has remained largely the same for the now Fortune 500 company.

Logo design is the process of arranging images, text, symbols, and colour to create a unique mark for your brand. It communicates the essence of your business. A great logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity and helps to tell you apart from your competitors. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung are some of the most valuable brands in the world, and their logos are distinct in any setting. 94% of the world's population actually recognizes the iconic Coca-Cola logo.

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    75% of people  recognize a brand by its logo. This beats visual style (60%), signature colour (45%) and unique voice (25%). According to StudyFinds , 60% of consumers avoid brands with odd, unattractive, or unappealing logos – even when these companies have good reviews.

    You’ll use the logo on all parts of your company including the website, products, product packaging, physical and online stores, social media platforms, and marketing materials. It helps customers to understand what you do and offer. A great logo can be the difference between a one-off purchase and repeat customers who are loyal to the business.

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    As a digital marketing company, we know the importance of a good first impression. This is why we always aim to give our clients the most creative and compelling logos they can get. We help to set our clients apart from their competition.

    There’s no limit to what you can get designed at Salt Marketing. Whether you’re in the market for a spectacular new logo or other graphic design services, our talented community of graphic designers will make it happen. We pride ourselves in our team of highly talented designers who we can trust to deliver the best graphic design services in Ireland.

    You need a logo that’s as unique as your brand. Our graphic designers can help to elevate your brand identity within your industry.

    What's In A Logo? The Meaning Behind Famous Brand Logos

    The website handles well over 100 billion visits per month. Known for being a fun company, the “Google" logo is displayed in multicolour.

    It uses the primary colours, but instead of having the pattern go in order, the logo has the secondary colour (green) on the L. This is widely taken to be in line with the notion that “Google doesn’t follow the rules", being bold enough to try things differently.

    There are different legends about the Apple logo, including referring to the computer term “byte", Eve taking a bite from the forbidden fruit, and even paying homage to Alan Turing – one of the pioneers of computer science – who died by biting into an apple laced with cyanide.

    However, the logo designer simply wanted to differentiate an apple from a cherry, where “taking a bite from an apple" is something relatable across all cultures.

    When Amazon was founded in 1994, it was initially called “Cadabra” – but Bezos changed it after noting the phonic resemblance of the name to the word cadaver.

    The arrow underneath the logo that starts at “A” and ends at “Z” sends out the message that Amazon sells everything from “A” to “Z – showing customers that it can meet their every need.

    The iconic Toyota logo has 3 ovals, linked horizontally in symmetrical layout. That way it is recognizable whether you're viewing it head-on or through a rear-view mirror.

    The two inner ovals symbolize both the heart of the customer and that of the company, showing their relationship and forming the ‘T’ shape for Toyota. The larger outer oval symbolizes how the world embraces Toyota.

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