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Regardless of the location of your hotel business, it is crucial to have a reliable online presence. Ask yourself; if you typed “hotels in my region” on Google would your property show up on the result? If it does not then you should consider improving your SEO strategies.

SEO involves a collection of processes aimed at helping a page rank higher during relevant searches online. The higher your site ranks on results the more people Google sends to your site. Ranking high on search results means that your site will be among the first few that people see on the results.

Statistics indicate thatthe first five results on Google receive 67.6% of clicks. The remaining results of the first page receive about 3.73% of the clicks. So, you don’t only need to aspire your site to appear on the first page but also among the first five results.

Studies also indicate that 90.63% of content on google does not get any traffic at all and this is a position no one wants to be in especially if you are in the hotel business. This is where SEO strategies become important.

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    Why Hotel Website SEO is Beneficial

    Anytime your audience looks up something on search engines, they receive a list of results from the various search engines. A lot of the time, their first action is to click on the first result because they believe it contains the answers they need. Only a few click on the rest of the results on the first page.

    SEO practices aim to help websites get on the first few pages of search results where most of the traffic is. These practices aim at;

    • Strengthening your online presence
    • Driving traffic to your site
    • Enhancing your hotel bookings.

    So, why does your hotel Website need it?

    • SEO helps grow your hotel business : By getting your website on the top pages, your traffic increases, and more people will click on your site. Since SEO aims at targeted traffic,a good percentage of your visitors will consist of people interested in the services you offer.
    • Improves quality of Leads from local searches : Local searches are essential for any business that advertises online. When someone searches for “hotels near me” the search engine tries to provide results based on their location. Aside from making your site visible, SEO also ensures quality content that can reaffirm to visitors that your website is the right choice.
    • It beats the alternative or Pay Per Click (PPC) : Pay per click is a common alternative for increasing search engine ranking for websites but it does not compare to good SEO practices. With the former, users have to pay some money for each click they receive. Even though you will still pay for SEO, it is a better long-term investment for your website.

    Rank Higher Sooner

    There is a lot of competition in the online market currently and chances are even your competitors are trying new ways to grow their businesses. So, as a growing hotel website, it is important to find ways to stay ahead of the competition.

    SEO can give you that edge while also helping you grow your client base. Our SEO team can help you achieve your growth targets while also helping you adjust to the always evolving search engine algorithms.

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