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Skip Native and Go Hybrid

Did you know that 74% of the top retail apps in the US are hybrid apps? This includes the likes of major global brands like Amazon, Etsy, Nike and Walmart. According to estimates by Forrester, with hybrid apps organizations can save75-80% of the cost  in support and porting when compared to native apps – which also why this is a popular approach for startups. 

Native apps use the native code of the platform – like Java for Android or Objective-C/Swift for iOS. Hybrid apps combine the native code with web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Why? It's all because of what happening 'under the hood'.

The infrastructure that the app runs on is critical for its functionality. For instance, with retail apps there’s plenty that is needed to support the product catalogs, customer sign-in processes, keeping the purchase records, providing access to support, as well as handling shipping information. Now, the ecommerce businesses and retailers already have this infrastructure created for the web – and this has been around for over a decade, being streamlined and improved all through. Building it from scratch for mobile, then going further to run two versions of the business’s commerce infrastructure just burns more time and money, and creates more tech debt in future. Hybrid mobile apps being all the features together. 

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    By serving as a middle route, the apps benefit your business in a number of ways:

    • Ease of Integration: You can leverage the internal program system of the mobile device through an overlay to easily integrate hybrid apps with other apps and systems.
    • Consistent User Experience: Hybrid mobile apps also offer consistent user experiences across all platforms and devices. They make it easier to impress your customers across the board. 
    • Offline Functionality: The native infrastructure used in hybrid mobile apps gives them the capability to work even when offline. You can load and access data without necessarily needing an internet connection, therefore enhancing the user experience. 
    • Cost Savings: You can develop one hybrid app for multiple platforms and devices. It saves you money.

    Your Home For All Your Mobile App Development Needs

    Salt Marketing offers hybrid mobile app development that help Irish businesses to grow their customer base and grow their ROI. We are experienced in building enterprise-grade hybrid mobile apps that work efficiently on multiple devices and operating systems. 

    Some of the services we offer include:

    • Custom Hybrid App Development: If you’re looking for customized hybrid mobile apps, we are the right partners to have on board. We build custom hybrid applications that are unique to your business needs. 
    • Hybrid App Integration: Professionals at Salt Marketing incorporate agile hybrid app integrations. This equips your app with advanced functionalities for more efficiency and effectiveness. You want your hybrid app to stand, Salt Marketing is the best hybrid mobile app development to engage.
    • Hybrid App Designing: There’s no better way to capture your audience’s attention than by offering a compelling and intuitive user interface. Our team of mobile app experts have perfected this! We create a pixel-perfect user interface design for hybrid mobile that attracts users and improves your brand value.
    • HTML5 App Development: We also build hybrid mobile apps using excellent HTML5 features such as elements, elegant forms, and geolocation support among others. Our focus is on delivering a consistent and appealing user interface and user-centric features.
    • React JS Maintenance & Support: React Native is a cross-platform framework for building intuitive hybrid mobile apps. Our developers are experienced in using the framework to build high-performance hybrid mobile apps for all types and sizes of businesses.

    Hybrid Apps That You Use Every Day

    • Amazon App Store – Given the benefits of the apps for online retailers, it’s no surprise that the largest of them uses a hybrid app to improve user experience. 
    • Instagram – The HTML5-powered app with its rich media content and quick videos that’s now a leading social media app. 
    • Uber – A ride-hailing app that needs no introduction. It actually runs at m.uber.com – which is what is loaded by the app, giving it fast speeds regardless of the platform being used.
    • Gmail – Right from the go, the old Gmail app was actually written as a hybrid app with HTML. The app has evolved over time to blend both native and web features
    • Twitter – The social app handling 500 million tweets per day going hybrid is a testament to the high performance of these apps.

    Why Us?

    Our team of expert mobile app developers have created several hybrid mobile apps for established and emerging businesses in Ireland. We take on each project with the passion and dedication that our clients deserve. We deliver perfect solutions that guarantee digital success and business growth. Our mobile app development services include agile development, thorough testing, distribution, and app marketing strategy.

    With Salt Marketing, you get:

    • Quick turn-around time
    • Customization while sticking to industry standards.
    • Agile Hybrid app development methodology
    • Next-gen mobile apps that fit all screen-size from a single codebase
    • Non-disclosure approach to every project

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    88% of mobile users spend their time on apps. At least 49% of users open an app over 11 times per day. Your target audience are on apps – give them a rich experience when interacting with your business. We have stood the test of time, and built some of the finest hybrid mobile apps for Irish business solutions.

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