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iOS commands 32% of the total operating system market share in Ireland as of June 2022, just behind Androids 35% and way ahead of Windows, OS X and Linux systems. With 96% of Irish citizen having a phone – 91% of which are smartphones – there’s a deep penetration of users.  Are you looking for an iOS app development company in Ireland to help you expand your reach to this massive market of Apple product users?

Building Powerful iOS Apps

Salt Marketing provides iOS app development services to businesses across the board. We have over a decade of experience in building custom mobile applications for clients in different industries. Our team will build an impactful product that gives you an edge in your market. Make the most of our top-notch iOS app development services to bring truly useful and captivating products to your iOS audience and stand out among others in the competitive market.

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    We offer iOS app services for the whole family of Apple devices:

    • iPhone app development
    • iPad app development
    • Apple Watch apps
    • Apps for Apple TV and other smart devices

    Salt Marketing is the partner you need to turn your business idea into a functional and intuitive iOS app with a sleek interface and seamless user experience. You can trust us for full-cycle iOS development and high-end coding services. We also offer digital marketing services that can help to place your iOS app before the right audience after launch.

    Top Industries Benefiting From Salt Marketing iOS App Development

    From the millions of everyday iPhone and Apple Watch users, iPads that have become commonplace in schools and universities, store outlets, doctor’s offices, stockrooms, and boardrooms, to Apple TV in homes – the menu of consumer and enterprise iOS apps continues to grow. Leading sectors include:

    • Retail & Wholesale: Dedicated mobile apps for online stores enable businesses to reach their consumers better, advertise their products, build their brand presence, and improve their sales. Suppliers and stockroom managers are also able to track inventory, keeping a detailed log of items received, used, those leaving the sock room – from office suppliers, business handling spare equipment, all through to keeping track of vehicle inventory.
    • Online Food/Grocery Ordering Industry: This is at the forefront of the on-demand industry, with Apple users increasingly using apps to order takeout and have their meals and groceries delivered to their homes. Are you in the food service business? Restaurants, catering units, butcheries, grocery stores, even wholesale suppliers can leverage the power of apps to grow their business.
    • Education Industry: The pandemic lockdowns led to a spike in E-learning, and there’s no turning back.  Apps developed here have enabled learners to consume content quickly, and tutors to better manage their lessons and students.
    • Tours & Travel: Accommodation providers, tour operators, bars and cafes, spa and massage parlors, night clubs – they are all tapping into mobile apps to give their clients a smooth experience and preserve their loyalty. Handling the booking, transfers, reviews, promotions and integrating with third party payment services – it is all part of the process.

    Bringing Your App To Life

    When you partner with Salt Marketing for your iOS app development, you will always stay on top of things. We will ensure that you’re kept in the loop from the start to product launch through open and transparent communication. 

    We adhere to agile methodology when developing an app for any Apple device. This allows us to maintain the transparency of processes, keep our clients in the loop, involve teams on both ends into product creation, and ensure that your app reflects your business needs and can be easily scaled to meet dynamic markets and user needs.

    We build our iOS apps through the following four simple steps:

    • Strategy and consultations: Before we start working on your project, we will sit down with your team to discuss your needs and expectations. What are you looking to deliver to your audience? We rely on insightful data to develop an effective strategy for turning your ideas into a practical concept of a product that will win the market and audience.
    • User interface and user experience design: The next step is to ensure that the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) provide seamless experiences in line with the latest market trends and user expectations.
    • Engineering and delivery: At this point, we will engage our software architects, engineers, and managers to ensure you get a quality code that will guarantee you a good position on the Apple Store. 
    • Quality analysis and optimization: Lastly, before we launch, we’ll test the app in a real environment and rely on the actual usage data to make improvements, optimizations, and scale-ups.

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    Choosing Salt Marketing as your iOS app development partner gives you the opportunity to join an elite club of Irish businesses which successfully leveraged the capabilities of Apple platform and gained outstanding results with it.

    Elevate your business today with our scalable iOS app development services.

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