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Did you know that Magento is used by 1.1% of all content management system (CMS) websites? That's essentially 0.7% of all websites on the planet, according to W3Techs. In fact, it powers 12% of all eCommerce sites.

Let's crunch some numbers:

  • 250,000 – The number of merchant sites powered by Magento
    Source: Magento
  • $100 billion – Gross merchandise volume handled by Magneto annually
    Source: WebsiteBuilder
  • 200% – Yearly increase in online shoppers using Magento merchants between 2016 and 2020
    Source: HostingTribunal

It's not just eCommerce and shopping. Lifestyle blogs, home and gardening sites, tech blogs – the platform is used across the different industries. Some of the popular websites are FoxNews, RoyalMail, Nintendo, Liverpool FC, Land Rover and the Cosmopolitan.

Our Magento SEO team is at hand to maximise the success of your website.

Get Started

    Site Audit

    We'll start by analysing the current condition of your website, from its functionalities to its performance. The use of structured data – including product listings and social media links, duplicate content, the XML sitemap, elements like meta descriptions and title tags, all through to the page speed – all these are assessed, compiling a report of what needs to be worked on.

    Keyword Research

    The right keywords will bring valuable traffic to your website – and we will find the most ideal for your business and industry. This includes the search volume, competition of the keywords, and cost-per-click (CPC) for the ad strategy.

    Competitor Analysis

    What makes your competitors tick? We will analyse their product pages, website performance, to the keywords they are targeting, and find what will give you the edge.

    Website Revamp

    Using a data-driven strategy to optimize your website’s pages, product category and subcategory pages will lead to a better user experience. Improving page speed to encourage visitors to remain on the website longer – given that just increasing the loading speed by one second increases the conversions by 7%; incorporating Google Analytics code into your website to monitor your results; all through to using extensions on the marketplace for additional analysis tools – we do them all.
    Want to increase your sales and boost your business?

    Get ahead - And Stay Ahead

    Reaching that top-spot is one thing – staying there is another. Your E-Com strategy needs sustainable strategies for you to see continued growth, and you can realise that with our team of experts.

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