Mobile App Development

A mobile app is one of the easiest ways to make your services accessible to your customers. But Google Play Store stats show that around 60% of the 2.56 million apps have never been downloaded. Another 35% of them are downloaded but rarely used. It’s not about just putting out an app. A successful app needs to enhance user experience and cater to their needs. That’s what our team is guaranteeing you.

Our App Development Process

We will turn your ideas into a complete product through the following processes:

Research: We’ll take your idea and refine it putting into consideration your buyer personas, demographics, and purchasing behaviours. We will develop your app with the end-user in mind. In this stage, we will do our research, including an analysis of competitors’ apps, in order to lay down a proper groundwork for the app.

Get Started

    Wireframing: It’s important to draw a detailed sketch in order to understand how the app’s functionalities will work. It helps in rightly arranging all components of the design and uncovering any usability issues that could arise in future. Our focus at this stage is on creating a roadmap that incorporates your brand, focuses on user experience, and keeps in mind the different ways people use a mobile app compared to a mobile website.

    Technical Feasibility Assessment: We don’t only care about how the front-end looks like, but we also ensure that the backend systems are able to support your app’s functionality. We’ll test different APIs to determine how feasible the functionalities are.

    Prototyping: A prototype enables us to see how the app will work in real-life. This is an important stage as it helps to determine whether we’re headed in the right direction. Members of your team will use the app and give feedback on their user experience so we can make improvements.

    Designing: At this stage, the goal is to bring the envisioned final product to life. This is a multi-step process that factors in layout, buttons, app navigation, and other visual elements. We’ll also do constant reviews to ensure everything looks and feels as it should. Thereafter, we’ll deploy the app to a test group so that bugs are fixed before release.

    Deployment: You can announce a formal launch of the app. We’ll help you to launch the app in accordance with the launch policies for the different app stores. But this isn’t the end. We’ll always be on hand to make improvements based on customer feedback and business needs.

    Our app development process is done to the highest quality standards possible. Our engineers stick to industry best practices from architecture to programming languages. We’ll also offer you the growth hacking and marketing support you need to take your app to the next level.

    Why does this matter?

    • 75% of people just the credibility of businesses based on the design functionality of their website Don’t make navigation a pickle
    • 50 milliseconds – How long it takes for visitors to your website to form an opinion about it. The book will get judged by the cover
    • 80% of visitors will stop engaging your site if it doesn’t get displayed well on their device. Laptop, tablet, smartphone? Your site should adapt
    • 5.94 seconds – How long people spend looking at the main image of the website Make that first impression count

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