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Is Your Website a Turn-Off?

  • 94% of people don't trust a website because of its design.
  • Google prioritizes responsive web design when returning search results.
  • With 92.4% of users accessing the internet via their phones, the website needs a responsive design.

An unresponsive design could cost you a lot. Website users take just 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website. Are your users struggling to use your website? Is it compatible with their devices? How is the UX and UI? A responsive website is a website that’s optimized for all types of devices- mobile, tablet, and desktop. Mobile phones and tablets in Q4 2021 were responsible for 54.4% of global internet usage. Moreover, 74% of users as reported on ThinkWithGoogle said that if a site worked well on their phone, they‘d be more likely to visit it again. What measures have you taken for your site?

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    Users should be able to view a responsive website on any device. Page widths, texts, links, colors, videos, and graphics should automatically adjust to fit the shape and size of the screen it’s being viewed from. Whether a visitor is using a small phone screen or a large HD monitor, they shouldn’t have a hard time accessing and navigating your website.

    Bring Your Site To The Modern Age

    With Salt Marketing’s responsive website design services, you can ensure that your website features the tools and content you need to grow your business. We will turn your static website into a responsive one that can impress, attract, and retain customers. We are a leading full responsive website design company who can get your site responsive.

    We have a team of web design experts ready to help you build a responsive website. Our services include:

    • Site audits
    • Web design
    • Website testing
    • Website launch
    • A dedicated project manager
    • An experienced design and development team

    You can also request for additional services such as search engine optimization (SEO), content management, eCommerce functionalities, and professional copywriting among others. 

    Examples of Responsive Web Designs

    Here’s a walk-through household names and some of the measures they have undertaken for their websites:

    • Dropbox, where it uses fluid grid and flexible visuals to deliver a tailored experience for uses on both desktops and handheld devices, including having adaptable image orientation. 
    • GitHub – The layout changes as you shift from desktops to tablets. Even for these where the signup form is predominant on the page, mobile users are only presented with a “Call-to-Action" button. These delivers a smooth experience for users, one which adapts to the device they are on. 
    • Shopify – Users get a consistent experience across desktops, tablet and mobile phones, with only the illustration and CTA buttons changing position. This includes displaying their customers with image carousels. For the handheld devices, there’s a hamburger icon in place of the menu – and while doing all this the page load speed remains under 5 seconds.
    • Time – The weekly news magazine with its millions of readers globally even had a whole piece on revamping their site and making it responsive. 
    • Dribble – comparing its website on different devices will show you how the 5 columns on the desktop are automatically collapsed into two on mobile phones and tablets, that way the content doesn’t feel cluttered.
    • Slack – The site has a flexible grid where the viewports change to adapt to the device. For instance, desktops get a 3-column layout for the customer logos, while for mobile phones this is in a single column.

    Should You Hire a Responsive Website Design Company?

    There are plenty of benefits your business can reap from engaging a professional responsive website design company. Some of the benefits include:

    • Increased page viewership – about 77 percent of internet users in Ireland access websites on mobile devices
    • Optimized images and videos
    • Lower website maintenance costs
    • Fluid site layouts
    • Enhanced design experience
    • Improved SEO
    • Easier analytics reporting

    Leverage Salt Marketing’s responsive web design services to take your business to the next level. Testimonials from our clients show we are the best in the market. Our rates are competitive too. 

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    At Salt Marketing, we are the trusted choice for many businesses when it comes to responsive web design services. This is because of our experience, professional experts, visible results, and client satisfaction among other reasons. 

    Whether you’re looking to build a new responsive website or upgrade the existing one to be responsive, we’ve got your back. We not only bring to the table our experience but also all the resources you’d need for the project. We’re the preferred choice of small-to-midsize businesses looking to launch a responsive site.

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