Shopify SEO Campaigns That Bring More Traffic to Your Store How is your online store fairing?

  • 3 min 06 seconds – The average time spent on by visitors to Shopify stores in 2020
    Source: HostSorter
  • 85% – Shoppers who use Google to research on products before making a purchase decision
    Source: SearchEngineLand
  • 52% – Average bounce rate on Shopify stores
    Source: Increasily

We'll set you up with a tailor-made SEO campaign that will bring highly-targeted customers to your online store. Our expert team has already brought success to other clients – and want to do the same for you.

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    Different aspects are handled as part of the Shopify SEO, including:

    Duplicate Content

    Is your website sending Google conflicting signals? Shopify stores are commonly afflicted by duplicate product pages – especially with the internal linking structure, and duplicate collection pages through the website’s pagination, which becomes a problem when search engines are determining the canonical version. Our SEO team will audit your website and adjust its internal linking structures to ensure the first paginated results direct to the canonical page.

    Structured data

    A site audit of the data structure of your Shopify store will yield results of sections that should be worked on. This ranges from product-structured data that is typical of many Shopify themes, giving Google key information like the product’s name, price and description; article structured data that works with the Shopify blogs; to breadcrumb-list structured data that helps both the users and search engines understand the website better.

    Keyword Research and Optimization

    Like other e-commerce stores, ranking for priority keywords is key to get customers to your Shopify store. We will use data-driven analytics to determine the appropriate keywords for your site, from their competitiveness to their visibility, and how to apply them for your site’s content – including optimizing key elements like the title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs.

    Content creation

    Your products need unique content, a critical on-page practice to get you to rank higher – but do you have the time for it? Our content creation team has got you covered. Working with skilled copywriters to generate content for each individual product, we ensure that each description is made from a user-focused point of view to increase conversions.

    Revamp your Shopify blog as well! Taking advantage of this will give you an opportunity to provide informational content to your visitors, boost your credibility, and give search engines more material to rank. This is while still leveraging on the high priority keywords for your store.

    App integration

    Different Shopify apps come in to provide enhanced functionality for your website, our team will enable you to incorporate this as part of the Shopify SEO. These are the likes of to compress large image files, to Yotpo Reviews to include product reviews on your site.

    Apps bogging down your site? There may be multiple apps running on your Shopify store – perhaps some were even installed on impulse and forgotten about. As they run in the background, they slow the site’s performance. Our SEO team will weed them out.

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    High-quality traffic

    • Salt Marketing focuses on getting high-quality organic traffic to websites using a custom SEO and content marketing strategy. This is preferable to pursuing high-ticket keywords that generate a lot of traffic. 

    Experienced industry experts

    • We have a team of trained SEO experts who can help you grow your online presence. Our experts not only do thorough research, but they also give you advice that will help you reach your business goals.

    In-House Developers

    • Great page experience and web design are key to tech SEO. We have an in-house team of award-winning WordPress developers and UX designers.

    SEO Audits

    • We perform on-site and off-site SEO audits on your platforms and competitors to create a road map, explain how your website is performing, and identify growth opportunities.

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