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In the travel industry, online visibility has always been a top priority. Due to the continuing evolution of search engines, travel websites have to apply new tactics to keep up with the new demands and SEO is right in the middle of it.

Today, no one is interested in visiting the brick-and-mortar travel agencies to book trips or flights. Instead, people are turning to Google and other search engines to point them at online travel agencies which is much easier. According to recent statistics, google accounts for about 70% of global search queries on laptops and desktops.

So, the majority of the traffic in the travel business is shifting online. For any type of business regardless of its size, it can be challenging to gain exposure online. You might have a good website, with easy navigation, quick load times and but it is your SEO efforts that provide exposure for your brand.

Why Travel Websites need SEO

SEO goes beyond simply being visible on search engines. The process of optimization aims to provide the relevance and value of your product to a search term so as to move up in search engine rankings. Here are some reasons you should care about SEO

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    • Helps your site get more leads from various search engines : A Google study shows that a great percentage of people begin the process of traveling or booking at search engines. So, when a user opens up google and types “Villas to rent in Hawaii” SEO optimized pages will be the first to appear.
    • SEO can guarantee Business Growth : You will get more bookings if more people visit your travel website. When your website starts ranking higher on search engines, more people will click on your site. Since SEO focuses on targeted traffic, it means a good percentage of people who visit will be interested in your services.
    • SEO is a cheaper alternative to PPC (Pay Per Click) : Pay Per Click and the use of Google AdWords is an alternative to SEO when it comes to increasing targeted traffic on a travel website. However, while PPC and AdWords do work in this regard they are both is mostly short-term solutions because of the costs incurred.

      AdWords charge some dollars per click and so you need to have a daily budget when using it. Furthermore, once you stop advertising usingAdWords, the traffic decreases. While SEO also has its costs, it is a better long-term investment.

    What does Travel SEO Consist of?

    With Travel SEO, the aim is to optimize your website to meet the demands of both the audience and the search engines. So, here are some of the areas travel SEO focuses on;

    • Reducing load time for pages. People bounce of websites that take too long to load.
    • Incorporating voice search since many people use voice assistants to type queries instead of actual typing.
    • Proper use of keywords related to travel and tourism.
    • Creating organic Page titles and meta tags.
    • External and internal link building. Internal links bring users from other sites to yours while external links lead users from your site to another for reference.

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    Search engines get regular algorithm updates to discourage spamming practices. Our professional SEO team can alter your content according to the updates to keep your website on top of the competition and help grow your online business.

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