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A Quality Webapp Is Not An Expense, But An Investment

It's software that can only be used with an internet connection, accessed via browser – does your business need it? Web apps have become more popular with SaaS (Software as a Service), creating both dynamic and static apps.

Whether or not site visitors buy into your product or service will depend on their online experience, website appearance, and accessibility of features. A web app speaks to, directs, and manages your audience. Web apps run on servers, performing tasks over the Internet – including submitting and retrieving data to/from a database. These are the likes of shopping carts, online forms, word processors, and even email services like Gmail. They are in turn accessed through the conventional web browsers, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. Common widely used web apps include Amazon, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Docs, and Netflix.

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    There are several other reasons why you need to include a web app among the essential components of your business operations. It will help you to achieve your business goals faster. A web app will help your business grow faster in the following ways:

    • Growth Monitoring : An effective web app will help you easily monitor the growth of your products and services in the market. While large corporations can afford to build an internal web app development team, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can save costs by hiring top-notch web app development agencies such as Salt Marketing.
    • Publicity and Branding : Web apps can also let you reach out to new customers and let them know about your services and products. Additionally, they are an effective branding tool as they give you a proper channel for communicating with your clients.
    • Customer Support : Third, web apps enhance your customer support options and can act as an excellent first line of contact between your business and leads. Potential customers will have access to help around the clock.
    • Competitive Edge : Nearly one in every four businesses have increasingly used online platforms to offer their products since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The online business environment, regardless of your niche, has become cut-throat. Android and IoS web apps can help your business to stand out and enhance your visibility.

    We want to build you a website application that not only increases your lead generation but also conversion rates. Trust the best, reach out to us now.

    What We Do

    Every business needs client-focused and customer-centric web application solutions that can deliver tangible results. We don't just build webapps, we build webapps that SELL.

    At Salt Marketing, we specialize in website application design and development services. We will ensure that you have a feature-packed, high-performing, and digitally transformative web application that’s fully functional, very secure, user-friendly, and scalable to your business growth.

    We will help you adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape through our extensive web app development services.

    Industry-Specific Web App Development

    • Healthcare: This includes patient portal apps and health condition and medication trackers, to symptom navigators, chronic disease management, and diet/fitness apps. Hospitals, pharmacies, and drug stores get to convert their customers into loyal users, from conducting online consultations, to providing health tips and information.
    • Education: Here, teachers use webapps to create interactive learning materials that their students will use, the educational content is available to anyone in the world – even on a subscription basis. Learners in turn get more engaged.
    • Tourism & Travel: Custom web apps are needed for attractions, restaurants, hospitality, transport and other service providers. Add the features suitable for your business, allow customers to make bookings, all through to complete their reviews.
      Those in the hospitality niche in particular get web apps with capabilities like tracking operations and managing inventory, for the restaurant management software, monitoring customer interactions to deliver better services to their clientele.
    • ECommerce: Whether it’s fashion, food delivery, or grocery shopping, customers can conveniently make purchases through online portals instead of having to physically visit the retail outlet or mall. You can go further to have niche social media communities created with the web app, helping you connect better with your customers, to boost their engagement, experience, and your sales.
    • Real estate: Realtors connecting with their clientele, property owners looking for potential tenants, buyers scouting for through listings – real estate web apps bring them together. This includes free apps like Zillow and Craigslist, to niche apps built specifically for a region or real estate firm, allowing renters and buyers to find properties directly through the app.
    • Finance: Web apps are a standard here, allowing banks, web management firms, financial advisors and other placers to manage customer data, process transactions, and carry out risk assessments. The web apps here work in tandem with mobile apps, allowing clients to carry out their transactions on the go.
    • Games & Entertainment: Online games, customized experiences, simulations and creative stories – they are all part of this. Technological advances allow creative minds to deliver a wide array of experiences for their clients through web apps.
    • Manufacturing: Getting custom apps for your facility allows you to automate tasks and enable seamless communication between departments. This boosts your efficiency. Time-consuming tasks such as on assembly lines can be automated, inventory records managed easier, to handling customer orders, billing and payroll, all through the web app.

    Why Brands Choose Salt Marketing for Web App Development

    We have built web applications for a multitude of business across Ireland. Check out some of our clients here. Some of the reasons that brands to trust Salt Marketing for their web app development needs include:

    • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 
    • We take a collaborative, communicative, and transparent approach to all our projects.
    • You get to work with expert web app designers and developers. 
    • We are an experience-led and outcome-focused agency. 
    • We are rapid, reliable, and known to deliver. 

    Some of the frameworks and languages we use to build our web applications include React, Vue, Dojo, Angular, TypeScript, and Node.

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