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In the digital age of today, without a smart website you cannot even think of running a business. Irrespective of whether you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur or an accomplished businessman, you’ll require a proper portal to ensure your venture remains afloat, so time to get smart website. Today when virtually everybody has “miniature online devices” in their hands, a website is no doubt the right way to disseminate your brand message and apprise your audience of your products and services.

Actually, an organisation’s website gives a true picture, telling others what the company does and also letting them know how it functions. Often, your website could be a game changer, adding majorly to the rise of your venture. Hence, it is vital to develop a website with utmost sincerity by making use of the most recent tools and techniques vis-a-vis web development.

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WordPress which started as a blogging tool has evolved during the time into a ground-breaking website builder and content management system.
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eCommerce is not new. People have been trading through the internet since the mid-90s. But in the past few years, eCommerce has picked up momentum and is becoming quickly mainstream.
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Membership Websites

Membership websites are simply, a gated site where only members who subscribe can access the content placed on the website.
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Case Study

Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a Dublin-based business that focuses on enabling individuals- from teens to business owners, achieve their full potential. The focus here was increasing its digital footprint and user retention.

Challenged faced

  • Website: UX and UI were substandard
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Low social media presence
  • Failed in first click test
  • Poor visual images
  • Failed 5-second test

How we helped

We handled the budget allocation and recommended media distribution, optimising the:

  • Website development
  • Social Media marketing strategies: both paid and organic


Generated 45 leads within 10 days, after spending just €67

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