Every single day, you will have online users visiting your website, browsing your services, and exploring your products. Your website gives them the first impression of your business. The website has the potential of getting you a sale or losing a lead. That is why website maintenance should one of your top priorities.

As your website maintenance partner, Salt Marketing will provide you with a comprehensive but customized website maintenance plan that will help your business deliver a secure, fast, and seamless online experience to your customers. In addition to that, as a full-service digital marketing agency, you will benefit from our turnkey solutions that will maximize your website performance.

Web Maintenance Services

Are you looking for a one-off website update or regular maintenance plans? It doesn’t matter because our smart website solutions will be tailored to your specific business needs. Some of the services you will enjoy when you get to work with us include:

Regular website and content updates.

Website repair

Website host migration services.

Search engine optimization

Regular maintenance of your WordPress sites or the content management system you are using.

Those are only a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you choose us. There are so many more. The overall health and performance of your website matter to us just as it matters to you. We promise to keep your website’s performance at optimal levels always. We win when your website wins over customers. You will also have top-notch professional support round the clock for all your website needs.

Is It Really Necessary?

It doesn’t look broken, so why fix it? We have heard that question several times. In most cases, it doesn’t end well. Your website is a core part of your business and you need to take proactive action to ensure that it is working optimally even if it doesn’t look broken. There could be so much going on in the background and messing up your website user experience. We will proactively ensure the following three features of your website are taken care of;

When all the three are taken care of, we will perform a backup of your site so that it is easy to restore in case of disaster, conduct uptime monitoring to ensure everything is working as it should, and send you a detailed report of the status of your website.