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The World's #1 Content Management System

WordPress is an open-source CMS that initially specialized in blogs but has since expanded to enable developers to create any kind of website. You can create blogs, brochures, and even eCommerce stores on WordPress. It is the most used CMS in the world. About 20% of the top 1 million websites globally rely on WordPress. In fact, as of 2022 , 43.2% of all websites on the internet use WordPress, up from 39.5% in 2021.

WordPress is very popular for a reason. It is easy to personalize and fill your website with content that resonates with your brand and business, especially with tens of thousands of plugins and themes.  Some of the features of WordPress are:

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    • Accessible Content: On WordPress, you can easily add and update your web pages for effective website management. This enables you to make your content accessible and provide top-notch user experience to visitors.
    • Extendable Smart Search: We can integrate global site search systems on your WordPress site for easy indexing to make searches more effective.
    • Design and Layout: A well planned site contains the proper content structure that will not only make the site highly accessible for users, but also optimized for the search engines.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): WordPress provides flexibility to modify how the code is output to optimize your SEO strategy.
    • Rich Media Galleries: WordPress offers you many media-rich features to help you enhance your content with multimedia content. You can easily embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, add dynamic image galleries, and even include podcasts among others.

    Get Your WordPress Site Tuned To Your Needs With Salt Marketing

    Our Dublin-based digital marketing and web development company provides WordPress website development services. With experience spanning over 10 years, we've built a reputation for creating cutting edge, robust, dynamic, Irish and international WordPress websites. Our team of WordPress experts love pushing the boundaries of website development and responsive designs. We serve business in all sectors, small or large.

    Big Names Powered By WordPress

    From millions of small companies to Fortune 500 giants, companies trust WordPress to be the bedrock of their online presence. This is spread out across all industry sectors, as well as celebrities, governments and media outlets. Here are a few notable brands relying on WordPress:

    • Sony Music, the global music brand.
    • PlayStation – the gaming behemoth- using WP for its blog
    • The official Toyota Motors Brasil website that is used to showcase the brand's products
    • Sweden – the country has an official website, complete with content on its culture, business, nature and society – all running on WordPress.
    • TechCrunch, a website in the tech niche covering everything from gadgets and startups to related events.
    • The legendary Time Magazine, an American publication and news website that's now almost a century old.
    • BBC America with its wide range of programming, from lifestyle and comedy to drama and science-fiction movies and series.
    • CNN Press Room that’s home to the conglomerates PR team
    • Ogilvy, a popular advertising agency whose South Africa's division has its corporate website built with WordPress.
    • TED blog featuring articles, live blogs and evens from the TED Talks program.
    • Angry Birds – yes, the game.
    • Usain Bolt – even the world's fastest man needs his own personal site, and he turned to WordPress.

    Launch Your WP Site

    Our WordPress Web Design Services include:

    • Custom WordPress template design and implementation
    • Custom website components development
    • Custom modules development
    • Component customization and modification
    • Design (PSD/AI and common image formats) to WordPress conversion 
    • Portal maintenance 

    We use the latest WordPress technologies and best practices to ensure you get a site that increases user engagement. Our team will also help you find the perfect WordPress plugins that can meet and serve your needs. Additionally, we will provide support services so you don’t experience any hassles maintaining your website.

    Start Your WordPress Website Today

    Salt Marketing is ready to build a WordPress site that enables you to meet your customers’ expectations. Our processes and targets are 100% driven by the needs of our clients. We have 100s of happy customers who can testify to that.

    You want to develop a strong website presence for your brand? Our WordPress website guidance will help you have a web presence that will promote and grow your business.

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    Why Should You Join Us?

    • Based on our strategic and in-depth approach to web design, we know how to build technology websites that bring in qualified leads. For us, a website is a digital marketing machine that is strategic, UX-optimized, SEO-optimized, fast, and flexible.
    • Salt started as a WordPress agency, unlike many digital marketing businesses. Salt’s team of UX, designers and developers provides strategic website projects for clients.
    • We have a full in-house team of UX/UI experts and developers who work with the SEO teams. This makes our projects very effective and helps websites move up quickly in search engines.
    • We provide website mock-ups before you begin so that you are never left in the dark.

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    At Salt, we take pride in the satisfaction of our customers. Our testimonials prove that we are more than capable of delivering the finest service possible.