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PPC campaign is fairly simple to start with and to spend some money but to ensure success, you will have to do thorough planning initially to optimize the whole thing.

With us, it pays to stay in the game.

Our PPC advertising services give you more clicks for every euro you spend. These are not just random billboards for your web traffic. We tailor-make plans and strategies for your PPC marketing that will increase your brand awareness, generate more leads and grow your conversions.

Get more from the ads placed on Google and YouTube, to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram ads, and even Amazon PPC management.

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    How it helps?

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can effectively help to drive traffic to your website much faster than SEO. However, PPC is quite complicated, and minor mistakes can have a significant impact on your campaign. It is important to get it right if you want to realize a return on investment. It is a fine line between keeping your ad spending low while keeping up your quality score.

    Feel like you’re flushing money down the drain?

    Feel like you’re flushing money down the drain?
    In this digital era, visibility on search engines like Google and Yahoo, and popular social sites like Facebook will give you a broader reach and bring in more traffic to your website – but the wrong strategy will burn through your marketing budget. We rely on data-driven analysis to develop a PPC strategy that will make every penny count.

    We offer:

    • Keyword Planning
    • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
    • Content Review and Modifications
    • Weekly Reporting
    • Google Ad Campaign Budget Analysis
    • Google Ads Campaign Set Up
    • Conversion Rate Analysis
    • Google Analytics Review
    • Competitive Ads Review
    • Conversion Rate Analysis
    • Ongoing Bid Management

    Our Most Popular Services

    Our end-to-end content marketing services engage audiences and support commercial goals across all channels for successful content marketing.

    Social Media Ads
    These are developed for the different social media feeds, and are a great way to get more brand discovery,
    Facebook Ads
    How are your digital marketing efforts fairing? 1 in 3 companies in a report published by HubSpot listed Facebook ads as their best ROI provider,
    Instagram Ads
    SaltMarketing Instagram marketing team keeps up to date with the latest algorithm changes and industry updates, and employs best practices to grow your business.
    LinkedIn Ads
    We cater to the different ad formats on LinkedIn, including: sponsored content that appears within the feed of LinkedIn users as they scroll through posts from their connections;
    YouTube Ads
    There are plenty of reasons why YouTube should be part of your digital marketing strategy. For starters,
    Amazon Ads
    Every PPC campaign needs to be tailored to its platform, and the same case applies to Amazon ads. Before you go ahead and plough your money into the process,
    Google Ads
    Search Ads
    These are the ads that show up on the search engine result pages (SERPs), typically at the top and bottom. For instance, with Google,
    Google Remarketing Ads
    The goal here is to reengage your website's visitors. When people land on your site from search engines or social media platforms,
    Google Display Ads
    These are the ads that will show up on Google's partner websites. Unlike search ads, these can include both photos and text.

    Why Should You Join Us?

    • Your content is completely customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your own requirements and preferences.
    • Save a lot of time and money by doing your own research and creating your own material.
    • You'll be able to stay on top of the ever-changing digital scene.
    • Every month, all curated, high-quality content is made accessible.
    • Professional content writers enhance your SEO and help you connect with your audience more rapidly.

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    Dozens of businesses have already benefited from working with us. Here are just a few businesses we have helped to meet their goals through the power of content marketing.