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With over 75% of all websites with a known server-side programming language using PHP in some way, it remains a juggernaut in the web development industry. How does it pull these numbers even after over two decades of stiff competition? WordPress, the world's most popular content management site, uses PHP. MediaWiki is written in PHP – and it's the software powering Wikipedia. Even Drupal and Joomla rely on the programming language. Facebook is based on the PHP code which has been integrated with other web technologies.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language where applications written in it run on web servers – without depending on the web browser. It currently ranks 6th on the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language, and is mainly used when building the server side of web apps.

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    Why PHP Matters

    • Rich developer activity : With a long history and deep community, there are more specialists you can work with, at affordable costs. This, coupled with a vast range of manuals and reference materials, facilitates the web development process, and as the business owner, it will even be easier for you to follow up on the process. A PHP script can also be combined easily with the HTML code of a webpage without interfering with it. Being a cross-platform language, the coding can be done on Windows, Linux, and macOS, meaning more flexibility.
    • Database integration: PHP connects to virtually any kind of database, from the popular MySQL to mSQL, and MS-SQL, to SQLite and PostgreSQL. The coding language can also work with databases like ElasticSearch and Redis that are not directly related to it, expanding the scope of the apps and features that can be built with it.
    • Faster loading speeds: Load time is a critical factor in giving your website a competitive edge – and this coding language is up to the task, even three times faster than Python
    • Free-to-use software: Being open-source software translates to cost savings with PHP web development. Moreover, many of the development tools that can be integrated with PHP are also open-source as well, cutting down the overall costs of your project. Hosting costs are also reduced. For instance, a common battle-tested operation for PHP sites is the LAMP stack, where the components – from the Linux system to the MySQL database – are free. Compatibility with many modern cloud services like AWS Lambda in turn give the business more scalability.

    Expertise that cuts across industries

    Facebook has been relying on PHP for generating dynamic content since its conception – and in fact the entire code was initially written in this language by Zuckerberg and Moskowitz. Lyft uses the language to run its massive ride-sharing database. Tumblr with its over 300 million blogs is powered by the scripting language. The team communications app Slack uses PHP in their backend.

    You too can leverage the power of this scripting language for your web applications. We meet the PHP development needs of businesses in different niches – from ecommerce, healthcare, fintech and manufacturing, to hospitality logistics, and professional services.

    Why Choose Us

    Salt Marketing developers will collaborate with your in-house team to seamlessly merge with your processes and adapt to your business needs.

    • PHP Consulting : Are you in the planning stages and are looking for expert recommendations on the tech stack you need to achieve the goals of your business? Our PHP consulting services will identify the bottlenecks in your current system, audit it for security vulnerabilities, and prepare a scalability strategy that is in line with your project needs.
    • PHP Development: Our PHP team takes over the entire development process to build secure and resilient web-based applications for your business. We implement DevOps and CI/CD approaches to ensure the project is delivered on time – and within budget. Our activity in PHP projects, including machine learning, IoT, and big data gives us access to a wide range of technology stacks that can be used for your project.

    Unlock The Power Of PHP For Your Site With Salt Marketing

    Our robust team of PHP web developers enable you to bring your website’s goals to fruition. We provide custom solutions to meet the exact requirements of our clients, addressing the needs of your organization’s structure and business objective. From web portals and CMSs to B2C & B2B web apps, our team will design stable, scalable and responsive solutions for your operations.

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    • Based on our strategic and in-depth approach to web design, we know how to build technology websites that bring in qualified leads. For us, a website is a digital marketing machine that is strategic, UX-optimized, SEO-optimized, fast, and flexible.
    • Salt started as a WordPress agency, unlike many digital marketing businesses. Salt's team of UX, designers and developers provides strategic website projects for clients.
    • We have a full in-house team of UX/UI experts and developers who work with the SEO teams. This makes our projects very effective and helps websites move up quickly in search engines.
    • We provide website mock-ups before you begin so that you are never left in the dark.

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    At Salt, we take pride in the satisfaction of our customers. Our testimonials prove that we are more than capable of delivering the finest service possible.