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AMSL Group is an Irish company with nationwide coverage, providing fire protection detection and suppression systems, installation and inspection services, as well as emergency training lessons to equip individuals with skills to respond to fire incidents. It’s a member of FESA (Fire Engineering Systems Association), with its engineers having been trained and certified by NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland).


The business had interferences with the user experience while navigating the website, as well as a high cost on their social media marketing budget, especially when compared to the low conversions that were being obtained. A high ad spends coupled with few leads was burning through the budget, calling for the need to rework their PPC campaigns and ad strategies.


We worked on the website to improve the design and make it easier for the users to make their way around it, as well as improve the brand clarity on their product offering. Plenty of effort went into restructuring the ad campaigns, in order to save on costs while improving on the conversions. This entailed carrying out an audit of the initial strategy and its results, as well as competitor analysis, and using the data obtained to put together detailed and targeted PPC campaigns.


For the period under review, the AMSL Lead Generation campaign running on the Facebook ads platform had a reach of over 22,500, making 55,783 impressions. All this was achieved with a €609 budget. 16 new leads were obtained, with an average Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) of €38.08.
Here are two examples of the ads that were run, together with their stats:

  • Leads – 10
  • Impressions- 41,928
  • Reach – 17,980
  • CPL – €44.49
  • Ad Spend – €444.94
  • Leads – 9
  • Impression- 6,904
  • Reach – 3,921
  • CPL – €28.12
  • Ad Spend- €256.23

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