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BookaCovidTest is an Irish website that enables citizens to conveniently schedule appointments to get tested. Through the website, one gets to choose the time and location that will be most convenient to have the COVID-19 test carried out in line with their own individual diaries. Given that the tests are becoming a core part of our lives – intertwined with our work and travel arrangements, you want an easy way to ensure that you’re up to date on the vaccines, shots, and results.


  • Intense competition from both public and private enterprises is in line with the pandemic management programs. Here, there is a very short window to get seen, be heard, and build a solid online presence through which the website will be considered to be an authority on COVID-19 tests and bookings. SaltMarketing took on the task, with the project set to run for 3 months.
  • High cost per click – at €1.54 which puts a strain on the ad budget, as well as a high bounce rate – which was at a whopping 89% before we began working on the project.


We set up a digital marketing strategy, including Facebook marketing, lead generation, and Google PPC campaigns. Our creative team developed the content to be used for the marketing campaigns, from the social media posts, published material, to the graphics that run along with them. Here, the focus is on working with content that the audience relates with while tailoring the campaign strategies to reduce costs per click and grow conversion numbers. Our target was to increase conversions by at least 700 per month.


  • We saw a decreased CPC – going down by 67% – from €1.54 to €0.51, while at the same time getting more traffic to the site, which increases the ROI on the ad spend.
  • Conversion rates increased to 76%, with more citizens booking their COVID-19 tests through the website.
  • More visitors landing on the site went further to navigate around it, reducing the bounce rate from 89% to 53%
  • Social engagement with the brand is also on the uptrend, with increased Facebook engagement metrics where the 12 initial posts saw 57 shares and a reach of 1619 people. We continue to use data analytics and ultra-targeting to score better numbers.

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