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A group of Ireland business owners set up the Business Network Academy (BNA) in 2011 to leverage the power of referral marketing, without the pressure that comes with typical networking organizations. Over the next decade, the group grew, with more members signing up, representing different industries. This has allowed the group to make stronger relationships as more like-minded entrepreneurs come together to increase their reach. With the members generating more business from the group and also getting valuable knowledge and expertise from different professionals, it’s proven to be a key resource to help the individual brands grow.

Challenges Faced

There were two main issues affecting the business: brand awareness and lead generation. 

The website didn’t accurately portray the value that the Business Network Academy (BNA) provided, which negatively impacted the conversions of the traffic being directed to the site. There was also the need to increase sign-ups for BNA's weekly networking events, especially for the specific industries that did not have representatives.

How We're Helping

We carried out a comprehensive social media campaign for the business, especially through Facebook Marketing. This included both organic and paid marketing, with tailored content pushing the brand’s value and events that were being signed up for. This was with the dual-goal of improving brand visibility and generating more leads.

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