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Castle Aesthetics

Elevating Aesthetic Clinic's Online Presence
Castle Aesthetics

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Castle Aesthetics, a prominent non-surgical medical aesthetics clinic situated in Blanchardstown, Dublin, specialises in an array of skin and anti-aging treatments. They are committed to delivering natural and transformative results for both facial and body treatments, within a discreet and confidential environment.

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  • Google Ad Strategy
  • Google Ad Copies
  • Facebook Marketing

Challenges Faced

Medical Regulations And Compliance

Dentists operate within strict medical regulations and guidelines. Ensuring that all online content, including website information and social media posts, adhere to these regulations while still effectively communicating their services can be challenging.

Sensitive Nature Of Services

Dental services often involve sensitive health information and personal interactions. Striking a balance between promoting services and respecting patient privacy can be tricky.

Managing Reviews And Reputation

Online reviews play a significant role in a dentist's reputation. Negative reviews or comments can impact potential patient trust, making it essential to monitor and respond appropriately to reviews across various platforms.

Competitive Landscape

The dental industry is competitive, with numerous practices vying for patients' attention. Dentists need to find unique ways to differentiate their services and stand out in a crowded digital space.

Time Constraints

Dentists are busy professionals, and dedicating time to manage online platforms can be challenging. Consistent posting, responding to messages, and maintaining an engaging online presence require significant time investment.

Technical Skills And Resources

Not all dentists are familiar with digital marketing techniques or website management. Acquiring the necessary technical skills or resources to maintain a professional online presence can be overwhelming.

Constant Algorithm Changes

Online platforms like search engines and social media are continually updating their algorithms. Dentists need to stay up-to-date with these changes to ensure their content remains visible and relevant to their audience.

Balancing Patient Care And Online Activities

Providing quality patient care is a top priority. Finding the right balance between serving patients in the clinic and managing online activities can be challenging, especially for solo practitioners.

Localised Marketing

Dental services are often location-dependent. Effectively targeting a local audience and competing with nearby dental practices in search results requires specific localised marketing strategies.

Lack Of Content Strategy

Generating relevant and valuable content can be a struggle. Dentists need to create content that educates patients about oral health, addresses common concerns, and showcases their expertise.

Adapting To New Technologies

The dental field is evolving with technological advancements. Integrating new technologies into online promotion, such as virtual consultations or tele-dentistry, requires adaptation and explanation to patients.

Measuring ROI

Tracking the return on investment from online promotion efforts, such as website traffic or appointment bookings, can be complex and requires appropriate analytics tools and expertise.

Solution Provided


We initiated a re-branding process that aligned Castle Aesthetics' online image with their premium services, ensuring consistency in messaging and aesthetics.

Social Media Uplift

We devised a tailored strategy for both Facebook and Instagram to elevate their presence, engaging their audience through meaningful content, visuals, and interactions.

Creation Of Digital Assets

Our team conceptualized and produced essential digital assets, such as a captivating landing page, engaging content, informative weekly posts, eye-catching graphics, and impactful videos.

Monthly Calendar And Reporting

We introduced a structured monthly calendar for content publication, streamlining the posting process. Additionally, a detailed reporting structure was established to track performance and measure the effectiveness of the strategy.

Results Achieved

Increased Engagement

The revamped social media strategy led to a significant increase in audience engagement, evident through higher likes, comments, and shares on posts.

Enhanced Brand Perception

The re-branding efforts, along with cohesive and visually appealing digital assets, elevated Castle Aesthetics' brand perception, aligning it with their premium services.

Follower Growth

Castle Aesthetics experienced a consistent growth in followers across both Facebook and Instagram, indicating an expanded reach within their target demographic.

Appointment Bookings

The newly implemented strategy resulted in a noticeable rise in appointment inquiries and bookings, directly contributing to the clinic's business growth.








I have been working with Salt Marketing for many months now and I’m very happy with the service they provide. Pria has been helping me with all my social media and marketing and I have found her to be excellent. She is always quick to respond and very efficient. Their design team are also very talented. Overall, I’m delighted I went with Salt Marketing to help promote my business.

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