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Conway and Conway Co

Digital Transformation Empowering Conway And Conway's Online Presence
Conway & Conway Co

Client Overview

Founded in 1975, Conway and Conway stands as a respected family-run accountancy firm based in Naas, Co. Kildare. Over the years, they have earned a reputation as one of the premier accountancy firms in the Kildare region, delivering exceptional financial services.

Services Used

  • Brand Guidlines
  • Content Development
  • Website Maintenance

Challenges Faced

Lacking Functional Online Presence

Conway and Conway struggled with an inactive online platform that didn't adequately showcase their services and expertise.

Deficient Branding

The absence of cohesive branding across their online presence hindered the establishment of a recognisable and professional image.

Inadequate Return

The limited online visibility translated into low engagement and a lack of meaningful interaction from potential clients.

Our Solution

Comprehensive Website Overhaul

We undertook a transformative approach, designing and developing a new website (https// that showcased Conway and Conway's services, expertise, and history in a user-friendly and accessible manner.

Expanded Content

Instead of a single services page, we created 14 dedicated pages—one for each service and industry Conway and Conway caters to. This restructured approach enhanced clarity and engagement.

Brand Guidelines

We meticulously crafted brand guidelines to ensure visual consistency across all online platforms, thereby establishing a professional and recognisable brand identity.

Website Maintenance

Regular updates, security checks, and performance optimisations were implemented to ensure a smooth and secure user experience.

SEO And Digital Marketing

We implemented SEO strategies to improve the website's organic visibility and initiated digital marketing efforts to increase engagement and reach.

Results Achieved

Functional Website

The new website effectively represented Conway and Conway's expertise, services, and history, delivering a seamless user experience.

Enhanced Brand Identity

The implementation of brand guidelines ensured a consistent and professional visual identity across all online platforms.

Improved Metrics

Through SEO optimisation and digital marketing efforts, organic keywords, visitor count, and domain score saw remarkable improvements.

Engagement Uplift

The restructured website layout and informative content significantly improved user engagement and interaction.

Secure Platform

By addressing SSL certificates and maintaining security, we enhanced the website's trustworthiness and user data protection.








Salt Marketing has truly exceeded our expectations with the launch of our new website. Their team's dedication, expertise, and attention to detail have been instrumental in creating a professional and user-friendly online platform for our accounting practise. We've seen a significant increase in online engagement and inquiries since the website's launch. Thank you, Salt Marketing, for helping us take our online presence to the next level!"

Alistair Conway

Owner, Conway and Conway Accountancy Practice

Future Outlook

Our partnership with Conway and Conway continues as we work to sustain their improved online presence, implement ongoing optimisation , and provide strategic digital marketing efforts. We remain dedicated to supporting Conway and Conway's vision for digital success in the evolving landscape of accountancy services.

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