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Covermore Financial

A Digital Transformation Success Story
Covermore Financial


Established in 2017, Covermore Financial Ltd. boasts a cumulative industry experience of over 75 years. Operating as a Financial and Mortgage brokerage, their Dublin 15 base extends services across Ireland. Providing no-fee consultations, their team of certified financial consultants delivers advice and guidance, backed by extensive expertise.

Type of Work

  • Content Development
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Facebook Marketing
  • API Integration

Challenges Faced

Time-Consuming Quotation Process

The existing process of submitting insurance quotations was time-intensive, hampering efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Lack of Social Media Presence

The absence of a social media presence was restricting their ability to connect with a wider audience and engage potential clients.

Dysfunctional Website

A malfunctioning website hindered user experience and credibility, which impacted lead generation.

Complex Industry Dynamics

The financial brokerage industry presents intricate challenges related to regulatory compliance, market volatility, and client education.

Differentiating from Competitors

Standing out amidst numerous financial brokers required a unique value proposition and branding strategy

How We Helped

Website Development

We designed and developed a stunning WordPress website that aligned with their brand guidelines and provided a seamless user experience, accommodating all device types and browsers.

API Integration

To tackle the challenge of real-time quotes, we integrated REST APIs from five distinct insurance providers, enabling visitors to obtain accurate insurance quotes instantly.

Complex Calculators

We developed custom Mortgage and Broker calculators, adding value to their services while facilitating client engagement and lead generation.

Content Writing

Crafting compelling content that conveyed their expertise, values, and services was essential to establish credibility and communicate their offerings effectively.

Social Media Management

Crafting compelling content that conveyed their expertise, values, and services was essential to establish credibility and communicate their offerings effectively.

Results Achieved

Efficient Quotation Process

The integration of API solutions streamlined the quotation process, significantly reducing the time it took to provide accurate quotes.

Real-Time Quotes

The API integration allowed customers to receive real-time quotes from different insurance providers, enhancing the customer experience.

Value-Added Tools

The custom calculators enhanced the website's value proposition, engaging visitors and generating leads.

Functional And Engaging Website

The newly developed website not only functioned optimally but also presented Covermore Financial Ltd. as a professional and trustworthy service provider.

Enhanced Brand Presence

Through strategic social media management, Covermore Financial Ltd. experienced increased visibility and engagement, reaching a wider audience.








Pradeep is excellent in his field digital marketing.
His knowledge is 2nd to none and he explains everything in a clear concise manor. Pradeep and his team would only enhance any business out there they are definitely worth a call

Nigel McConnell


Future Outlook

Our partnership with Covermore Financial Ltd. continues as we work to further enhance their digital presence, ensure their website remains up-to-date, and develop strategies to continually engage their audience while offering valuable insights and solutions in the ever-evolving financial sector.

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