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CU Pluming-MaaS

A complete Rebranding and Boosting CU Plumbing's Online Presence
CU Pluming-MaaS

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About CU Plumbing With over a decade of experience in the plumbing sector, CU Plumbing Services is a premier heating and plumbing service provider in Co. Dublin. Serving their clientele around the clock, CU Plumbing guarantees reliability and expertise in all their endeavours.

Services Used

  • Brand Guidelines
  • A New Landing Page
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Management

Challenges Faced

For a decade, CU Plumbing's logo caused a considerable amount of confusion among its target audience. Despite “Cu" being the symbol for copper on the periodic table, the existing logo failed to communicate that CU Plumbing specialists had expertise in copper-related plumbing services.

Web Presence

CU Plumbing's website was outdated and wasn't aligned with their service offerings. With boiler installation and repair being a significant aspect of their business, there was an unmissed opportunity in highlighting this service.

Digital Marketing

While CU Plumbing had a presence on Facebook, it wasn't being used to its full potential to drive traffic and generate leads. Furthermore, there was a lack of strategic content creation to promote the brand across various online platforms.

Solutions Implemented


Developed a new logo incorporating a copper chip symbol. This immediately indicated CU Plumbing's specialty in working with copper. Further emphasised the brand's expertise by integrating symbols associated with plumbing, thus clearing any past confusion.

Website Overhaul

Proposed and built a revamped, user-friendly website for CU Plumbing. Designed a dedicated landing page for boiler installation and repair services, ensuring it was both informative and optimised for conversions.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Undertook comprehensive management of CU Plumbing's Facebook and Google campaigns to drive targeted traffic to the new website. Curated and published weekly posts not only on CU Plumbing's official Facebook page but also promoted them across multiple community Facebook groups to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Solutions Implemented

Clearer Brand Identity

The rebranding led to immediate recognition of CU Plumbing's expertise in the market, resolving a decade-long branding issue.

Increased Web Traffic

With the revamped website and a specific landing page for boiler services, CU Plumbing saw a notable increase in site visits and service inquiries.

Increased Leads

The new landing page we created is not only visually stunning but also highly effective in converting visitors into customers. Google Ads and Facebook management have resulted in a significant boost in leads and inquiries.

Engaged Online Community

The strategic use of Facebook and community groups led to a rise in engagement rates, translating into more referrals and customer interactions.








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When we were looking for a digital partner, Salt Marketing stood out as the best. From the first day, it was clear that they had a deep knowledge of digital marketing and were brilliant at enhancing our brand and creating a landing page. Aside from their obvious skills, what made them stand out was how easy they were to talk to and how well they communicated. They weren't just another service; they worked with us like they were part of our own. We highly suggest Salt Marketing to any business that wants top-notch digital solutions and a real partnership experience.

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