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Run by Paul Davis – an entrepreneur and bestselling author, Davis Business Consultants is a firm that provides business and personal mentoring services. It focuses on aligning businesses with individual goals across the board – from the management with leadership development, plus the staff and their confidence and mental wellbeing, to the client’s fulfillment. This improves the performance of the businesses and fast-tracks their growth.

Challenges Faced

Few visitors to the site, at 308 per month
Weak domain authority, with a score of 15/100 – which contributes to the lower ranking on search engine result pages
Need to optimize on PPC results and increase ROI

How We're Helping

We carried out an audit on the website's performance and audience, as well as that of its competitors. For instance, a keyword analysis showed that the site only had 768 organic keywords and 505 backlinks, which slowed down the uptick in traffic and building its credibility.

We implemented a digital marketing strategy, complete with conversion tracking and following the progress of the goals through Google Analytics – with UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) links being set up in the ads to provide clear insight into the results of marketing campaigns being used and optimize on the most effective.

The site's content was updated, including using themed keywords. More updates to the website were carried out, from setting up call-outs, call extensions, snippets, and refining settings like the location options and attribution models.

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