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Ezproperty maintenance

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EZ Property Maintenance handles repair works and maintenance services for individual homeowners, real estate companies and property management firms. The services are available for both residential and commercial properties.

Challenges faced

  • Setting up tracking system on site
  • Reducing the PPC and increasing the page view sessions

How we’re helping

Firstly, the active ad campaigns were closed, so that could develop new ones right from scratch. We also split the campaigns by platform (mobile/desktop) and region. We used a fixed bid with this approach, which fives up more control over the campaign. To track the performance, View-Pixel was implemented on the different webpages. Event-Pixel on sequenced pages were used to increase the conversions with the users with more page views.


The ROI on the ad budget multiplied with while retaining the CPC. This mage the approach more profitable that the initial campaigns that had been used. In just a month, there was more than double activity on the site.

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