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Fundamania, Ireland's well-known travelling funfair, offers a variety of exciting attractions. It attracts a large audience due to its dynamic presence and fascinating experiences.

Type of Work

  • New Website Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Digital Marketing
  • API and Payment Gateway integration

Challenges Faced

Social Media Engagement

Struggling to effectively contact and engage their target audience through social media.

Brand Identity

Lack of a consistent branding strategy harmed consumer loyalty and market distinctiveness.

Online Booking Complexity

The complicated booking process on their website hampered potential consumer conversions.

Underperforming Social Media

 Xtreme Funfair's social media presence did not effectively engage their target demographic.

Lack of Cohesive Branding

An inconsistent brand image reduced brand distinction and loyalty.

Complex Booking Process

A difficult booking form on their website hindered potential customers from making bookings.

Services Offered

New Website Development

A responsive and visually appealing website was built from the ground up, prioritizing user experience and SEO best practices.

This ensured a strong and secure online presence.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

A multi-channel digital marketing strategy was developed and implemented to boost online reach and engagement.

We employed analytics to continuously refine tactics and maximize ROI.

Google Ads: Targeted campaigns drove traffic and conversions by reaching relevant audiences.

YouTube: Engaging video content showcased Xtreme Funfair's offerings to their target audience. YouTube advertising and analytics tools increased viewership and subscribers.

Facebook Marketing: Targeted Facebook ad campaigns enhanced brand visibility and customer engagement. Insights helped tailor strategies for different demographics.

Instagram Marketing: Eye-catching visuals on Instagram creatively presented Xtreme Funfair's experiences. Regular posts, stories, and influencer collaborations built a loyal following.

Website Maintenance

Ongoing website support included updates, backups, and security checks to ensure optimal performance.

Content and features were regularly refreshed to maintain website freshness, functionality, and adherence to current web standards.

Results Achieved

Elevated Social Engagement

Social media platforms saw a significant increase in engagement, leading to interaction and community building.

Heightened Brand Visibility

The implementation of a cohesive branding strategy propelled Xtreme Funfair's brand recognition within the industry and among potential customers.

Seamless Booking Journey

The new website's streamlined booking form facilitated effortless transactions, resulting in improved conversion rates.

Successful Google Ads Campaigns

Targeted Google Ads campaigns effectively reached and engaged potential attendees, contributing to lead generation.










Fundamania developed a two-pronged approach:

Lead Generation: Generate a large number of leads, resulting in excited attendees for their spectacular attractions.

Brand awareness: Create a powerful and memorable brand identity in the competitive funfair business.

Future Outlook

Our partnership with Fundamania Funfair is ongoing. We are constantly refining their digital approach, leveraging the power of social media, Google Ads, and other platforms to magnify their brand, increase engagement, and meet their lead generation objectives.

Pradeep is excellent in his field digital marketing.
His knowledge is 2nd to none and he explains everything in a clear concise manor. Pradeep and his team would only enhance any business out there they are definitely worth a call

Nigel McConnell


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