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iFox Creations is an online store that targets people buying gifts for their friends, family, and colleagues who are “hard to impress". The store provides a portfolio of popular and practical gifts to convey thoughtful gestures.


The email marketing plan initially in place was experiencing poor results despite the heavy resources being spent on it. Using multiple platforms to send out emails curtailed their efficiency, and brought about problems like preventing useful segregation of the email data. The company, therefore, was unable to leverage upselling or cross-selling through its email marketing strategy.


We set up a new email marketing process for iFox creations, canceling subscriptions from Aweber, Active Campaign, and Zapier and moving all the data to Mailchimp. The email marketing was automated, freeing up resources. Data segregation processes were implemented, such as buyers from the Shopify store getting subscribed to the Post-purchase campaign, those who register their warranties getting subscribed to the “Amazon Warranty iFox Creations" list, and those who claim discount coupons getting subscribed to “Discount Code Promotion" list. These measures put the business in a position to carry out targeted drip campaigns.

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