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iFox Creations

Revamping Email Marketing Strategy – IFox Creations' Success Story
IFox Creations

Client Overview

iFox Creations stands as an online emporium dedicated to individuals seeking remarkable gifts for friends, family, and colleagues who are notoriously “hard to impress." Their curated selection of popular and practical gifts reflects thoughtfulness and consideration in every gesture.

Services Used

  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Development
  • Facebook Marketing

Challenges Faced

Underperforming Email Marketing Strategy

Despite allocating substantial resources, iFox Creations' existing email marketing plan was yielding lackluster results. The use of multiple platforms for email distribution was impeding efficiency and hindering the effective organisation of email data.

Missed Opportunities For Upselling And Cross-Selling

The existing email marketing strategy failed to capitalise on valuable upselling and cross-selling opportunities, hampering the company's potential for increased revenue.

How We're Helping

Streamlining And Optimising Email Marketing

Our intervention focused on overhauling iFox Creations' email marketing strategy. We initiated a transition from Aweber, Active Campaign, and sapier to consolidate all data on the Mailchimp platform.

Automation For Efficiency

We implemented a comprehensive email automation system, significantly reducing the demand on resources and improving the overall efficacy of their email campaigns.

Data Segregation For Targeted Campaigns

Our team introduced a refined data segregation process. Buyers from the Shopify store were enrolled in the Post-purchase campaign, warranty registrants were subscribed to the “Amazon Warranty iFox Creations" list, and discount coupon claimants were directed to the “Discount Code Promotion" list. This meticulous segmentation empowered the business to conduct highly targeted drip campaigns.

Goals Achieved

Enhanced Efficiency

The migration to Mailchimp and the implementation of automation processes streamlined the email marketing operations, optimising efficiency.

Targeted Engagement

Data segregation allowed for precise audience targeting, leading to more relevant and engaging email campaigns.

Resource Optimisation

By automating processes, the burden on resources significantly reduced, allowing the team to allocate efforts more strategically.

Upselling And Cross-Selling Opportunities

With improved data management and targeted campaigns, iFox Creations unlocked the potential for meaningful upselling and cross-selling.








Pradeep is excellent in his field digital marketing.
His knowledge is 2nd to none and he explains everything in a clear concise manor. Pradeep and his team would only enhance any business out there they are definitely worth a call

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