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Just-Print is a design and print business that is based in Dublin, that provides services to both local and international signage clients and event organizers.


The business was hemorrhaging its marketing budget on PPC campaigns with low conversions. For the period under review, already €5k had been wasted, which also impacts the quality score of the website. This was attributed to different mistakes including:

  • The keywords used during the marketing strategy were either targeting broad matches or wrong. For instance, working with keywords that include “Dublin" or “Dublin Ireland" would not bring the relevant traffic to the site, meaning that they should not be keywords that the business should have been bidding on.
  • Ad spend was being lost by failing to include negative keywords. For instance, when searches for jobs in the print industry were made, Just-Print ads appear in the results. However, this placement would be wasted unless the business actually had a job opening. As such the traffic from such ads had a high bounce rate.
  • The wrong location set up: The business’s ads were appearing in countries like Brazil, India, Pakistan, etc. This was not the target audience. This type of approach is only suitable for tourism industries.


We recrafted all the PPC campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and negative keywords, and even site links to optimize real estate on Google.

We also offered more recommendations for optimization and to improve the Quality Score, including:

  • Creating new Google Analytics Property and integrating with the website.
  • Optimizing the website Loading Time, Page Size, and the Number of requests it’s making to the server.
  • Creating separate Landing Pages for each of the Services. For instance, similar services can be shown together on one landing page.
  • Setting up Site Links and other ad extensions in Google Ads.
  • Running A/B testing across pages, ad copies, day and time of the week, age groups, and audiences.

In addition to improving the quality score, this would also result in reducing the Cost-per-Click, easing the strain on the marketing budget.


Within the first month, the business ads had garnered 183 more clicks, with the Signage Ad Group being the best performing. They had had a 100% clickthrough rate (CTR), and were taking up to 100% of impressions on searches as compared to the competitors who are bidding for the same keywords. This was a good sign, showing that we were presenting the campaigns in the best possible way.

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