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A family-run printing company based in Ballymount, Dublin 24, that specialises in digital/litho & large format printing. Its services are sought by signage and event organisers, both local and overseas. Just-Print needed to get a higher ROI on its Google PPC strategy.

Challenged faced

  • Its previous keyword strategy targeted a broad market, resulting in lower conversions, and other terms were plainly off-mark, bringing in no returns. For instance, bidding on “Dublin" or “Dublin Ireland" gets to a broader audience but doesn't bring the desired clients to the site- leading to wasted marketing costs.
  • A high bounce rate caused by lack of negative keywords. These are needed to prevent the ad from showing for particular terms, such as “print industry jobs". Without these, then the ad appears for internet users looking for print jobs- which is not the target audience.
  • Wrong locations: The ads appeared in countries like Brazil, India, Pakistan etc. This type of approach is only suitable for tourism industries.
  • Maxed out on Google ads sitelinks character limit
This PPC strategy resulted in around €5k getting wasted so far, and it also adversely affected Just-Print’s quality score.

How we helped

We developed a new PPC strategy from scratch- including all the campaigns, ad groups, keywords, negative keywords, site links etc, with a tailored quotation for the company.


Just within the first month of the new PPC strategy, we saw:
  • An increased number of clicks, totalling 183.
  • Signage AdGroup registered the best performance.
  • Increased traffic from mobile devices, which accounted for 73% of clicks.
  • Ads took up to 100% of impressions search as compared to the competitors bidding on the same keywords. This was a good sign, proof that we presented our campaigns in the best possible way.
  • Achieved a CTR of 100%

Going forward

We also offered recommendations to improve the quality score, including:
  • Creating new Google Analytics Property and integrating it with the website, since the current tracking is wrong.
  • Optimizing the website loading time, page size and the number of requests that it makes to the server.
  • Creating a separate landing page for each of the services. Services which are similar can be shown together at one landing page.
Once all this is done, then we will move to the Google Ads and set up Site Links and other Ad extensions.
  • We will run A/B testing across pages, ad copies, day and time of the week, age groups and audiences.
  • As the website would be optimized, then its Quality Score would be between 8-10 and leading to a low cost per click- resulting in savings in the marketing budget.

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