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Keane's Garden Centre has been around since the late 70s, with its roots at Headford Road. The business opened centres in Barna and Kilcolgan, and it is now based in the latter. From its centre in Kilcolgan, Limerick Road, it offers a wide range of products to clients all over Ireland – from bedding plants, wildflower, fruit and vegetable seeds, trees, patio plants and garden ornaments, to insecticides, lawn care products and pottery items. The business is open daily, with a team of 5 qualified Horticulturists ready to serve clients visiting the Garden Centre.

Challenges Faced

The business e-commerce operations were faltering, resulting in low online sales amidst an increasingly competitive market. This was caused by a myriad of issues:

Dysfunctional online store with no product descriptions
Missing EPOS, making it problematic to handle stock and ordering, generate marketing reports, and handle accounting requirements.
No FB or Google Shop, further curtailing the business’s online sales by limiting its access to a wider pool of potential clients.

How We're Helping

Multi-pronged approach to deliver online sales
This was achieved through:
  • Setting up a Shopify website to handle the entire 8000+ product catalogue of the business. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce platform provides tools to handle all the aspects of the business’s sales, from payment processing at low transaction fees, inventory management, real-time online sales, ample bandwidth and online storage to handle the broad product catalogue that Keane's Garden is bringing to its audience, all through to multichannel selling and drop shipping features as well as providing access to competitive rates from global shipping carriers – which gives the business room to scale far much wider.
  • Setting up FB shop The social media giant provides businesses with an efficient avenue to share their brand story, sell their product collections, and connect with their consumers. Having an online Facebook shop will enable Keane's Garden Centre to grow its online sales revenue – including taking advantage of Facebook Shop’s “collection” feature to handle the different categories of products being provided at a given time, like sorting them by ‘Season,’ ‘Always-on,’ or ‘New’. Cataloguing here also enables storing information that the Garden Centre can advertise or sell across both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Setting up Google Shop Ads These are an integral part of eCommerce marketing, actually being more effective compared to the conventional PPC Google text ads – so much so that over 70% of retail search ad spend is being directed to Google Shopping Ads. They have a 26% higher conversion rate compared to text ads, and 23% lower cost-per-click. Taking this approach will reduce ad spend and return a higher ROI for Keane's Garden promotional campaigns.
Content creation
This entails product descriptions, service pages, informational blogs and social media posts to provide valuable and relevant content to diverse audiences targeted by Keane's Garden Centre. Here, we’ve carried out keyword research on the phrases that will be key to include in the different types of material that are created for the brand.
Optimising the site to make it responsive for different user devices, link building and business directory listing, boosting page speed and working on the title tags and meta descriptions, redesigning the site’s navigation to ensure that users can access and consume the desired content on the required web pages, working on backlinks to improve domain authority, social media marketing – we incorporate them all to improve the performance of the website in search engine results.

Our Work

Out of the 47 keywords that we promoted over the course of 3 months, 38 of them ended up ranking in the top 1-3 Google searches.

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